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Crime in Uganda: The Case of a Rich Man and his Poor Neighbors

posted onSeptember 18, 2019
Forensic experts examine the scene of crime where Kaweesi was killed

By Eng. Tom Isingoma Mwesiga

a). Illustration:
~There was a rich man whose cows were constantly destroying crops in the poor people's gardens. This was repeated season after season. Whenever the man was contacted, he adamantly and arrogantly responded that just about 200 out of 2000 cows had gone to the people's gardens which is not a big number to make them cry. That what would they do if the whole number of 2000 cattle went to their small unproductive gardens?

~He couldn't know that 200 cows were too many that even if they just passed through the gardens, it was enough to destroy the crops.

~For many years, local authorities could not do anything to solve the problem since the man had immunity from those who supported impunity and corruption.

~One day, a furious neighbor went to the police to report for one more time after the cows had once again destroyed his only garden. By chance, the officer in charge of the station was new at the station and without hesitation summoned the rich man. 

~Many victims of the similar incident testified and the officer after listening and reading from the previous files, detained the rich man. And later he was taken to court and made to pay for the damages. The story is not yet over but just beginning!

~It was everyone's surprise to see the rich man get out of the prison laughing loud. At first, they thought he was trying to disguise his guilt and shame. However, the man laughed so much, seemingly as he shook his head in amusement.

~People in confusion looked at each other and wondered why he was happy after getting out of prison. They obviously expected the rich man to come out furious, and fuming because of the shame to his name.

~It was indeed a laughable matter. People couldn't believe what he said to them! The man said that; "I will now no longer suffer with the pressure for being taken to the police station and prison or stopping my cows from destroying all the gardens around. I didn't know that destroying the whole garden you are charged with that small amount of money. This means that I have known the price of the garden, so I will be destroying one garden at a time holding my money to pay for each crying poor people because I have known your price!"

... I have known your price!.

b) Relevance to Uganda today

~In today's Uganda, the criminals have known the price of the crimes they commit. A man kills another, a man rapes your child, a man loots and embezzles tax payer's money, and he is taken to the police, but in hours or a few days, he will be moving around the village after being given bail.

~In the last few years, Uganda has suffered from a lot with crimes. I don't know the motives, but according to my analysis, most of the crimes like bijambiya, the murder of women in Entebbe, kidnaps for ransom, murder of Muslims leaders, and the current boda boda murders, are sponsored and are politically motivated.

c). What happens when caught for killing, in Uganda today

~According to the law of Uganda, once caught, you are taken to court and imprisoned when proved guilty.

~Unfortunately, I have never seen any killer without a law firm which calls upon the government to let their client go free.

~For example, last week, the Kaweesi murder suspects were given bail. When they were taken back to prison for more investigations, I think the American government is now finalizing with hundreds of embargoes and sanctions on Uganda. Because, the famous media channels, some MPs, so-called human rights activists, cried helplessly showing how the government did wrong to do hold back the killers.

~This means that like the rich man and the poor neighbors' story above, the imperialists and traitors in Uganda have known the price of the people's lives.

~In Uganda, killing another person is like saying halo to him/her, it's no longer terrifying. People have lost lives. Loved ones are dead. Children are kidnapped. Women killed and all sorts of evil things are happening.

~But to my dismay, the so-called human rights activists, politicians mostly in the opposition side and media, have come up to criticize the government in 2 ways;

-The first is that the security of Ugandans is not guaranteed, that the government is becoming weak.

-The second and most disgusting is that the government doesn't respect human rights by taking the criminals for investigations and interrogations.

d. What are the side effects of this mess?
~In the long run, we have reached a stage where the enemies of the people have known the prices of our lives. They know that after committing murder in Uganda, you will be granted bail and thereafter the world shall get news about how Museveni's government tortures innocent people.

~We are now in a state of confusion. The criminals have used the role of media's misconduct and weaknesses of sellout human rights NGOs and MPs, to fulfill their filthy agenda.

~The imperialists are now celebrating since the enemies of the people have got stronger grounds to infiltrate the community. That's why today we have not listened to knowledgeable men and women in Uganda but being fed on with words from politically myopic people on TV every time. Look at the many reporters and journalists and the news they feed the public on. You will understand the type of editors Uganda has in this generation. You will see the kind of lawyers we have in our country.

e. Ugandans remember this.

~Dear Ugandan people, no person including your parents can give you a life back once lost. Let's not mix politics with the blood of fellow Ugandans.

~Let's understand that a criminal must pay for his or her crimes. Let us not sooth and massage those people who kill us. Let us not forget that our beloved and important Ugandans like Kirumira and Kaweesi are in graves but no justice yet has been reached. Let's not forget that the lives of all killed Ugandan matter.

f. What should be done?

~ I strongly support the activation of the death penalty for those who kill people. Why should someone who kills a child have a lawyer? Why should those who killed Kaweesi and Kirumira have lawyers? How can someone who killed the boda boda man seen on camera be granted bail?

~Don't you see that the prices on our lives have lowered? Don't you know that just 500,000 Ugandan shillings was paid to those who killed Maria Nagirinya? Haven't seen how the so-called human rights activists and lawyers have lowered the price on our lives by asking for the release of the criminals?

~I call upon the government of the Republic of Uganda to ignore threats from the imperialists like some USA leaders when it comes to protecting the lives of Ugandans. Uganda is not going to be the Pearl of Africa with this impunity from murderers.

For God and My Country 

Eng. Tom Isingoma Mwesiga is a patriotic Ugandan and Pan Africanist
WhatsApp +256-703-073303


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