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Defence Minister Praises UPDF for Its Role in Socio-economic Development

posted onJanuary 30, 2023

The Minister of State for Defence in Charge of Veteran Affairs Huda Abason Oleru praised the UPDF's ever-increasing capabilities in ensuring Uganda’s territorial integrity as well as its unique role in disaster mitigation.

According to the minister, who was presiding over the district launch of the 42nd Tarehe Sita Anniversary week in Kiruhura District, this has fostered harmony between the Forces and the masses.

“Lately the participation of UPDF’s Engineers Brigade in constructing infrastructure for MDAs shows the Force’s long strides in the direction of being a productive force. We are very proud of these achievements,” said Oleru.

The Minister expressed gratitude for the leadership’s humility in the face of challenging circumstances, which enabled the NRA/UPDF to expand from a core of 28+1 in phase one.

“UPDF is celebrating its maturation from its birth but recalling its fundamental foundations throughout its Energetic Youthfulness of over 42 years of age plus.”

The Member of Parliament, Nyabushozi County, Wilson Kajwenge thanked the Minister for appreciating the issues concerning Veterans, especially in Kiruhura District.

The Chief of Defence Forces General Wilson Mbasu Mbadi in his speech that was delivered by Maj Gen Sam Kavuma said that the UPDF is committed to improving its capabilities for mitigating emergencies and natural disasters, as well as providing foundation security in terms of preventing reactionary political upheavals.

According to the CDF, the UPDF intends to make a landmark offensive against environmental insecurity. “In this regard, these Tarehe Sita activities are to culminate in a big drive of confronting climate change. We should take advantage of all players in this struggle to assume a vanguard role in massive tree planting and mitigating environmental degradation.”

Maj Gen (Rtd) Steven Kashaka, a historical member of the NRA/M liberation struggle, said that the revenge acts that were carried out in West Nile by the then UNLA were out of ignorance. The representative of the Chief Political Commissar, Lt Col Sam Ntungura said the UPDF uses the opportunity of the Defence Forces week activities to renew commitment to defend and protect the people and the country – through interacting with the public, including veterans who sacrificed a lot for the current freedom enjoyed today across the country.

Present at the function were Brig Gen (Rtd) Francis Kashaka, the Defence Spokesperson, Brig Gen Felix Kulayigye, UPDF Generals, Religious Leaders, Kiruhura District NRM chairman, Shadrack Nzeire, District Leaders, Senior Officers, and Militants.

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