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Gen Kainerugaba Pays Tribute to Former NRA Operative Ernest Kakwano

posted onApril 4, 2024

The Chief of Defense Forces, Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, honored Mr. Ernest Kakwano at St John’s Church Entebbe, a man that has been referred to by many as an unsung hero.

Gen Kainerugaba reflected on his own personal history with the Kakwano family, recounting the pivotal role they played in his escape to exile in Kenya back in 1981.

The CDF shared a heartfelt story of the day he and his sister Natasha were unexpectedly driven by Mrs. Alice Kakwano, now the widow of Mr. Ernest Kakwano, to the border of Kenya and Uganda, instead of their usual route to school in Kabale. Despite his initial confusion, Mrs. Kakwano assured them they were heading to a new school.


Approaching the Kenya-Uganda border, Mrs. Kakwano instructed Gen Muhoozi and Natasha to identify themselves as her children if asked, a gesture that would secure their safe passage and ultimately freedom.

Gen Muhoozi expressed his family's profound gratitude and eternal indebtedness to the Kakwano family for their unwavering support and bravery.

The funeral service was attended by former NRA operatives, including Honourables Mathew Rukikaire, John Nasasira, Sam Kutesa, and Matia Kasaija, who praised Mr. Kakwano for his significant contributions to the success of the NRA.

Rukikaire specifically commended Kakwano for his covert operations on behalf of President Yoweri Museveni during the NRA's struggle for liberation.

Survived by his wife, Alice, and children, Mr. Kakwano, who was 80 years old, will be laid to rest tomorrow in Rubaya, Kashari.

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