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Maj Chris Magezi (Centre) during the pass out. Photo by Fred Kiva

Gen Kainerugaba to Ugandans: Guard our Peace and Stability Jealously

This was contained in a message delivered for him by Maj Chris Magezi the head Media and Communication in his office during pass out of 4500 members of school patriotism clubs.The function was held at Kibuku Secondary School grounds on Friday.
posted onAugust 17, 2019

By Fred Kiva

The Senior Presidential Advisor for Special Operations Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba is urging Ugandans to jealously guard the prevailing peace and security as ushered in by the NRM government.

This was contained in a message delivered for him by Maj Chris Magezi the head Media and Communication in his office during a pass out of 4500 members of school patriotism clubs. The function was held at Kibuku Secondary School grounds on Friday.

Addressing the students who underwent weeks of military drills and ideological orientation, Major Magezi urged them to love their country and treasure the current peace and stability. He noted that it was unfortunate that some Ugandans are taking this peace and security for granted.

“People in Libya, young excited people thought the peace they had that time was not very important but I am telling you right now they are regretting, they are saying at least Gaddafi, he was a dictator and did other bad things but at least we had peace, so let’s guard our peace and security jealously,” he emphasized.

Patriotism training is part of a national strategic program to inculcate youth and students in secondary schools with norms and values for the love of their country. The program was launched by President Yoweri Museveni in 2009 and since then Patriotism clubs have been formed in all secondary schools across the country. Before being passed out members of these patriotism clubs undergo military drills and other topics to orient them ideologically.

Maj Magezi who commended students for better display of parade skills after just a few weeks of training, said on top of ideological orientation, the training enhances their physical fitness as young people to avoid diseases associated with lack of physical exercises. He urged them to maintain discipline and love for their country. “That unwavering love and devotion for your country can be compared to the love for your mother, that even when you have difficulties you will never stop loving her,” he said.

Maj Magezi (Right) during parade inspection. Photo by Fred Kiva

As part of the emphasis on the spirit of patriotism among Ugandans, Maj Magezi stressed the need for parliamentarians to push for legislation on the use of a language that unifies Ugandans, other than English which is a foreign language.

“When you go to Kenya almost everyone is able to speak Swahili, when you go to Tanzania it’s the medium of communication at all levels even when the president is giving the state of the nation address he does it in Swahili,” he noted, adding “Uganda a couple of years ago we were voted among the best English speaking countries in the African continent. As patriot, I don’t feel proud for speaking English very well.”

The Kibuku Resident District Commissioner Juliet Najuma Ssenkule who has been coordinating the patriotism training said “We wanted to come out with this sensitization and awareness in schools to control the early marriages, defilement, school dropout and environmental destruction that are taking place in the district and I hope our participants have got the information through this training.”

Maj Magezi also visited a private girl's vocational skilling center, which he pledged to link up with the President’s office for support. The vocational center has over 700 students training in saloon and hairdressing, tailoring among other courses.

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