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Happy Birthday, Muhoozi. Happy Muhoozi Day!

posted onApril 28, 2023
Muhoozi Kainerugaba

By Jordan Ddungu

Birthdays are days for one to feel special. Most of us consider them very important days. Like the sun rises and sets for just us on those days.

General Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s birthday falls on the 24th of April and on this day that he is supposed to rest and feel like the most important person on earth because his selflessness reflects the legend that he is.  

As a great way to kick start a new age, celebrations and community activities are held across the country by an unshakeable multilateral mass of Ugandans that highlight Gen MK's - (as is popularly known by his supporters) accomplishments and selfless patriotic deeds. 

The Muhoozi Day as it came to be known then to date was first observed in 2019 on his 45th birthday. Recently, Muhoozi's birthday has been marked with charity work and community gatherings known as bulungi bwansi that all strengthen the unity of Ugandans. The Muhoozi Day also serves as a reminder of his dedication to improving Uganda for all of us, regardless of our socioeconomic status, gender, or age.

The day further serves as a declaration made by the millions of  Gen MK fans to honor his service in youth empowerment, peacemaking, and security, as well as to inspire others to emulate his dedication to serving our beloved motherland Uganda. 

General Muhoozi continues to motivate citizens all around the nation, and Muhoozi Day serves as a poignant reminder of his influence on Uganda.

His determination to work towards a corrupt-free Uganda, a Uganda that upholds community values, a Uganda where health and sanitation are key, and a Uganda where we and our neighbors are our brothers’ keepers, is the right way to prepare for 2026! Happy birthday, and a happy Muhoozi day.

Youth and Good Governance Activist
Ddungu Jordan 


Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba

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