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How this streaming service is easing content consumption in Uganda

posted onMay 16, 2023

YO TV is set to empower talents in the music and comedy industry. The entertainment service is set to empower entertainers in a new initiative, Bolingo Extra, that will aim towards commercializing their respective crafts.

In a partnership with MTN Uganda, the YO TV channels app enables users to directly support their favorite musicians and comedians. When users make a payment on Bolingo Extra to access their beloved artiste’s content, the money will go directly into the artiste’s coffers.

YO TV will further empower each artiste with a personalized dashboard, allowing them to monitor their sales in real-time and withdraw their earnings whenever they need to.

Filmmakers are also set to benefit from the digital platform through Kibanda Express, an innovative product showcasing local Ugandan films for all film and cinema enthusiasts. The innovative service will offer a collection of local and authentic Ugandan films, produced by Ugandan actors, producers, and directors.

Through this platform, filmmakers can combat piracy and earn directly from their work. The talented individuals will be empowered by providing them with a dashboard to monitor their sales and retain complete control over their earnings.
Since the establishment of the YO TV channels App in 2020, the innovation has been dedicated to delivering the finest entertainment to Ugandans at the most affordable prices.

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