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Accused pastors Ronnie Makabai, Agustine Yiga and Samuel Kakande. Courtesy Photo.

THE INSIDE STORY: What Next for Kampala’s ‘False’ Pastors

It is dramatic that before he was denounced, Yiga also warned his congregation against false preachers who stage miracles with intention of wooing and cheating Ugandans.
posted onDecember 4, 2017

By Kampala Post Reporter

Recently, a team of pastors disowned their fellow three colleagues and dubbed them as false preachers and cults.

A team that comprised of key leaders of the Pentecostal churches and pastors who represented all the districts in Uganda from all fraternities of born again churches signed a document which was denouncing Prophet Samuel Kakande(The Synagogue Church of all Nations) Pastor Yiga Augustine (Revival Ministries )and Brother Ronnie Makabai(ETM International Church).

A decision was reached at after a consultative meeting of over 5000 pastors from all over the country who met at Christian Life Church- Makerere chaired by Bishop Joshua Lwere, the overseer of National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Churches (NFBAPC).

“As a full representation of born again body of Christ, and representing over 70000 churches across the nation, we do here by alert you, and declare that the said persons; ‘Prophet’ Samuel Kakande, ‘Pastor’ Yiga Augustine, and ‘Brother’ Ronnie Makabai, we declare that are false prophets, together with their associates, and affiliates,” said Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga of Christian Life Church while addressing the media.

He said that they have for long observed the actions and activities of the above pastors, and found that they totally contravene, contradict and falsify the teachings of the holy Bible and Christian church.

He continued that, “we have received overwhelming complaints and evidences from hundreds of people who have fallen victims and those that have witnessed these horrendous activities and crimes, the above persons masquerade and disguise as bible teachers on the surface with the soft spoken approach but yet they are wrong doers and invoking spirits of the dead.”

Ssenyonga added that these pastors manipulate scriptures, stage manage miracles, and also commit crimes against humanity by involvement in cult worship, witchcraft, use and worship of snakes, beast worship, blood sacrifices, destroying marriages, families, human sacrifices to mention but a few. He revealed that complainants are ready to testify.

“We stress in strongest terms that they are not and have never been part of the church. They are sworn enemies of scriptures and Ugandan people, who only use such dally activities to satisfy their demonic interests,” he said.

This team of pastors also requested the government, law enforcement agencies and investigative agencies to take kin interest in this and take action. It added that these churches must be investigated and reprimanded.

What Next step for the Pastors?

The denounced pastors are however, not shaken with their denunciation and it is still business as usual in their respective churches as they are still conducting their activities normally.

Pastor Augustine Yiga founder of Revival Church Kawaala and Abizaayo Broadcasting Service (ABS) Television insisted that he is operating on the good doctrine.

It is dramatic that before he was denounced, Yiga also warned his congregation against false preachers who stage miracles with intention of wooing and cheating Ugandans.

On May 29, 2016, while delivering a sermon at his church, in his warning, he pointed a miracle that went viral which was about the healing of people who were possessed with night dancing spirits. He did this in reference to Prophet Samuel Kakande.

“Controversial miracles are on the rise. Do you remember the Night dancers’ stunt? You should all stand warned...” Yiga warned.

Prophet Samuel Kakande is also not bothered with his denouncing and has on several occasions denied all what has been said at him as a false preacher due to miracles he performs.

Sharon Nabukenya, a staunch follower of Prophet Kakande says her preacher has been framed as a cult yet he is a man of God, she adds that the action will not affect her pastor not even his congregation since they are used to that.

“I am not wondering about the denouncing of my pastor, he is a good man of God, we are used to those accusations because he has been framed as a false preacher since longtime back which is not true. This will neither affect us nor him at all,” she said.

Sophia Kamukama a follower of Brother Ronnie Makabai on Salama Road, founder of ETM church, Ark TV, and Christ FM says that the act is not fair but cannot revoke the powers and miracles of her preacher.

“The act of denouncing our beloved pastor is not fair but that will not revoke his powers of performing miracles,” she told Kampala Post.

President Museveni’s stand

It should be noted that in October, while speaking at the 19th National Prayer Breakfast at Hotel Africana, President Yoweri Museveni warned Ugandans to watch out on false prophets who disguise in sheep clothing yet they are wolves inwardly.

The government has however taken minimal efforts to investigate, expose and reprimand such preachers.

The battle between pastors in Uganda and false preachers has existed for decades. We are only waiting to see if there will be any actions taken to such preachers if at all are investigated and found guilty.

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