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Kagame Sends Youngest Son to Military Academy in Sandhurst

posted onAugust 8, 2021

Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame has sent one of his youngest sons Brian Kagame to a military academy in Sandhurst.

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) is one of the most prestigious military academies in the UK where all officers in the British Army are trained. Apparently, Ian Kagame has been enrolled to Royal Military Academy Sandhurst to attend the military course. Ian is the third born and second youngest son to President Kagame.

President Kagame has desperately tried to persuade his sons to join the army. In 2010, he sent his eldest son Ivan Cyomoro Kagame to West Point Military Academy in the USA, but he dropped out, barely two months into his military cadet training due to “lack of interest in the army.”

During his visit to West Point Military Academy in 2010, Kagame denied pushing his son to join the army saying Ivan chose the military career himself.

Kagame and his son Ivan (L) who dropped out of the military academy
Kagame and his son Ivan (L) who dropped out of the military academy

Ivan Kagame’s failure to complete the military course left his father furious and not even short military courses could spark his interest in the army. Ivan who is a graduate in Business Administration from Pace University in New York was later appointed as a board member of the Rwanda Development Board (RDB).

To avoid a similar disaster, apparently, Brian Kagame has been sent to Sandhurst along with bodyguards to assist him to finish the course and thus, graduate. Insiders say that Kagame has high hopes in his youngest son (Ian) and has been so close to him.

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