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Karamoja MPs Back Museveni for NRM Sole Presidential Candidature

Karamoja MPs Back Museveni for NRM Sole Presidential Candidature

posted onJune 25, 2024

The Members of Parliament from the Karamoja sub-region have declared their support for the National Resistance Movement (NRM) sole candidature of President Yoweri Museveni for the 2026 presidential elections.

The endorsement by eighteen out of the twenty-five MPs present was witnessed by the NRM Secretary General, Richard Todwong, during a mobilisation tour of the subregion in Moroto town, Moroto district, on Monday.

The legislators cited relative peace, stability, and the inclusion of the sub-region's people in the country's development as reasons for supporting Museveni's 2026 presidential bid without any internal contest within the NRM.

In an exercise conducted by NRM Electoral Chairman Dr. Tanga Odoi, MPs and party district leaders signed a banner bearing their petition to the president, pledging to support and campaign for the NRM candidate at the appropriate time.

Speaking at the gathering in Moroto town, the Chairman of the Karamoja Parliamentary Group, Hon. Remegia Achia, stated, “Unlike the pre-NRM regimes, including the colonial government, which did not prioritise the development and pacification of this area, the current government has successfully resettled and empowered the Karamojong through various programmes like the parish development model, disarmament with strategic appeasement policies, and Emyooga, thus fostering wealth creation and prosperity.”

Achia continued, “We pledge all our loyalty to President Museveni as it is under his regime that Karamoja has received substantial support from the NRM government.”

“There is electricity, relative peace, and improved roads like the Soroti-Moroto road, and the region is transforming. These achievements are connecting Karamoja to the rest of the country,” Achia added.

Todwong, accompanied by Director of Finance and Administration Hajjat Medina Naham, praised the legislators for trusting President Museveni to lead the nation for additional years.

“We appreciate your recognition that President Museveni should continue leading because Karamoja is progressing. Previously, Karamoja was neglected and unheard of when Uganda was under other leaders, but under NRM, Karamoja is gradually developing without interruptions,” Todwong said.

Todwong likened nation-building to constructing a home, stating, “It requires patience with a clear vision and mission, complemented by good leadership like that of President Museveni.”

Peter Lokeris, the Minister for Karamoja Affairs, thanked the president for prioritising the subregion.

“From the bush, President Museveni had pacification, settlement, and empowerment of the people in this area as point number eight,” Lokeris noted.

Earlier, Todwong toured the Clinker cement factory under construction near Moroto town, which is expected to employ over 3,600 people. He also visited the Moroto Regional Referral Hospital to assess the health services being provided.

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