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Mukula campaigning in Masaka

Masaka Leaders Vow to Vote for Mukula for his Benevolence

posted onAugust 13, 2020

Capt Mike Mukula’s acts of humility, generosity and hard work have earned him a place in the hearts of the people of the Greater Masaka region.

Mukula was on Thursday campaigning in Masaka for the NRM Vice Chairperson for Eastern region seat where he met all NRM delegates from 9 districts that form the Greater Masaka led by Masaka district NRM Chairperson Peter Ssenkungu.

During the meeting, the NRM delegates endorsed Mukula and vowed to wholesomely vote him to retain his NRM CEC seat in the forthcoming elections slated for August 20. The delegates said that unlike other candidates who are selfish and self-centred, Mukula is such a generous nationalist and Pan-Africanist who has served both the NRM Party and country with passion. They promised never to let him down when the NRM delegates’ conference sits in a two weeks time to elect the top 9 NRM leaders.

For the last two months, Mukula has been holding countrywide meetings where he has lured several opposition members to the NRM ruling party. Mukula has been credited for dismantling the FDC party in Teso sub region. In 2006, FDC party emerged as a very strong opposition party in Teso with a whopping 16 Members of Parliament.

However, with concerted efforts of the likes of Mukula who was equally a strong force in the politics of Teso, FDC’s grip began dwindling in 2011 with the number of MPS reducing to 11 then finally in 2016, a huge nsumani swept the FDC where opposition party only recorded 3 MPs in the 10th Parliament, having knocked out even the likes of Patrick Amuriat (now FDC President), Alice Alaso, etc. Even the 3 MPs remaining in Teso have ditched the Party and will be contesting as Independent in the 2021 elections.

In terms of solving problems faced by Teso people, Mukula will forever be remembered for tabling the motion in the 6th Parliament that led to the disarmament of Karamojongs who were constantly killing and rustling cattle from the Iteso.

With the likes of Musa Ecweru (now state minister for Relief), Mukula also played a pivotal role in fostering security in Teso sub region where they mobilized gallant men and women from Teso to form Arrow Boys unit which gave a hand to UPDF to see Kong out of Teso and other regions like Lango and Acholi.

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