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kenneth omona
Deputy treasurer for the NRM party Kenneth Omona. Courtesy photo

NRM Decries Assault on Voters in Apac Municipality Election

Apac is one of the seven newly created Municipalities where voting for Parliamentary and Mayoral leaders is taking place today (Friday)
posted onJuly 27, 2018

By Fred Kiva

The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) in Apac Municipality has decried attacks on its supporters in the ongoing Municipal elections.

In a statement issued on Friday, Rogers Mulindwa, the NRM Communications Officer quotes the Party’s National Deputy Treasurer Dr. Kenneth Omona as saying that party supporters are being beaten while police looks on.

 "In Apac our people are facing serious security challenges. Response from the security is worrying," Dr. Omona said in his message conveyed by Mr Mulindwa. 

“There is suspected connivance between police and the UPC leadership here to deny NRM's Hon Jovino Akaki victory in today's Parliamentary race. Cases involving supporters of the UPC candidate beating up people have been reported to police but no meaningful actions taken,” Dr. Omona added.

However, David Ongom Mudong, the North Kyoga Regional Police Spokesperson has dismissed claims by the ruling party and dared NRM to report the cases formally. "I accessed the NRM document in some forum, but the allegations being raised are not true.We are the people on ground and we have not registered any such attacks, If they have facts let them file a formal complaint and the matter will be handled," Ongom said adding that as far as police is concerned voting in Apac went on peacefully.

According to Mulindwa's statement, those terrorizing the areas are donning yellow T-Shirts and travelling in different vehicles that include a black Land Cruiser Reg. No. UAK 399W, a tipper lorry Reg. No. UAY 417N, a Caridina car Reg. No. UAX 119M and another blue vehicle Reg. No. UAP 896.The vehicles reportedly belong to an opposition politician in the region.

“There are also two other cars Reg Nos. UBD 839R and UAW 742F allegedly used in these same nasty operations. At Awiri Polling Station, our official agents were denied entry for over 30 minutes while at Atopi Primary School polling station one person was found in possession of pre-ticked ballot papers in favour of an opposition candidate but the suspect walked away free as there was no security to help,” Mulindwa claims.

He further says: “Our supporter Odagiu Genesis is one of the victims and has been rushed to Apac Hospital for treatment.” Several other incidents have been reported in Arerwang, Omukuwie and Temogo among others. 

“Police is hereby asked to execute their field operations freely without favours to particular political camps. The Secretariat has taken up these concerns with higher police authorities in order to secure the lives of our voters but we shall automatically demand explanations later,” Mulindwa emphasized, urging NRM supporters to remain vigilant and proceed with the voting exercise.

Apac is one of the seven newly created Municipalities where voting for Parliamentary and Mayoral leaders is taking place today (Friday).

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