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Minister of State for Defence in charge of Veterans Affairs Hon Dr Bright Rwamirama welcomes Rugunda during the Tarehe Sita regional launch yesterday. DPU PHOTOS

Ugandans Urged to Exploit Peaceful Environment for Personal Prosperity

posted onFebruary 1, 2019

By Kampala Post Reporter

The Minister of State for Defence in charge of Veterans Affairs Hon Dr Bright Rwamirama has urged the People of Acholi Sub- Region to always acknowledge the role of having a secure country so that development and prosperity can take root.

He said this during the official launch of Terehe Sita activities in Amuru district where UPDF medical teams are conducting a medical camp for the people of Amuru.

"UPDF acknowledges the immense contribution and sacrifice made by the people of Acholi over the many years in quest for Uganda's peace and stability" Hon Bright said.

Officers of the UPDF take part in some of the activities of the army week

He also emphasised that the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda and the UPDF Act 2005, enjoins the UPDF to function as a people's Army.

Accordingly, the UPDF has the mandate to cooperate with civilian authority in all emergency situations and disasters.

Additionally, the UPDF exists to foster harmony and understanding between the Defence forces and the public.

The Army participates in productive activities for the development of Uganda.

During his speech, the minister added that Acholi subregion significantly contributed to the modern formation of the Uganda state through the contributions of some of its young people who were serving in the Forces.

This is why UPDF will honor some of the illustrious sons of the land like the late Brig Okoya giving him a decent re-burial.

MP Ogenga Latigo poses for a photo with officers of the UPDF

The people of Acholi demonstrated their enduring desire for peace in the past two decades, when they clearly identified with the UPDF throughout Counter Insurgency Operations against the successive rebellions.

Despite the suffering occasioned on the ordinary people, they chose to support UPDF as demonstrated by displaced persons always running to government positions away from the rebels.

The Commander Land Force Maj Gen Peter Elwelu who spoke on behalf of the UPDF fratenity reminded the people of Amuru of the old suffering during the past two decades of bloodshed and madness where soldiers died together with civilians.

Gen Elwelu thanked them for working together during that time."Without your support we wouldn't have made it" he said. He applauded UPDF troops for securing the country and maintaining discipline throughout their operation, which has caused establishment and maintaining fruitful relationships with other armed Forces.

"The Army plays a big role in the foundation of a nation but this has to be based on discipline and intelligent leaders" Gen Elwaru noted. He further thanked UPDF for creating and maintaining peace and security.

The Resident District Commissioner [RDC] of Amuru District Mrs Linda Amuru thanked the UPDF for the on-going completion of a four [4] class room blocks at Omee Primary School in Amuru District, Medical eye clinic at Guru and Pogo Health Center, Mobile fumigation activity at Amuru staff Qtrs, mobile dental and eye clinic activities.

She noted that this will help in consolidating peace for development and prosperity as the theme suggests.

"The current peace and stability enjoyed across the breadth and length of Uganda has come with a price and after a very long period of struggle" RDC noted.

She further said that Amuru is a peaceful place now compared to the leadership of the last very reckless, oppressive leaders in the last 2 decades and that they are ready to work together with UPDF being deployed in Amuru.

She also pledged not to tolerate any misconduct in the Region and that she's ready to report any one who she suspects for creating insecurity, "I want peace in this land" she said.

She expressed delight to have Tarehe Sita in Acholi Region saying this has made Amuru to befit as a payback to UPDF towards what they did for the Community in restoring peace and security.

The LC5 Chairman on behalf of all local Council Chairpersons Mr Micheal Lakony thanked UPDF for restoring peace and tranquility in the country. He requested all leaders in Acholi Region to emulate UPDF's discipline in execution of works and promised to be UPDF ambassador in the region to defend the sacrifices made by the Army that led to visible development in their Region.

The Regional launch was also attended by the head of Mobilizing Committee Amuru District Lt Col CM Kamya, The incharge Operation Wealth Creation RTD Lt Col Benson Olanya, the Deputy Chief of Civil military cooperation who represented the chief Political Commissar Lt Col Nelson Aheebwa, Councilors, Political leaders and cultural leaders UPDF chiefs and directors.

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