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Minister of Education Janet Museveni in a televised address on Saturday. PPU photo

No Additional Fees as Schools Tentatively Reopen on April 27

posted onApril 5, 2020

By Kampala Post Reporter

Education Minister Mrs Janet Museveni says no additional fees should be charged when Term one resumes and has suspended end of term exams.

“When schools reopen it will be a continuation of term one so no extra fees. No tests at the end of term one. That time should be used for studying. Candidates will do one mock examination. External mocks are banned,” the Minister said in a televised address on Saturday April 4.

She added; “All online examinations are suspended until we are out of this crisis. Holidays will be shorter to cover for lost time.” The Minister said that government will inform stakeholders about the opening date for schools but, “if all goes according to plan, Term one will open on April 27 2020 to June 12, 2020” Term two would open on June 22 to September 4, while term three will begin on September 21 and close on December 19. University will resume on May 02, 2020.

Should the lockdown be prolonged, Mrs. Museveni said the ministry will also communicate and find ways of engaging the learners. The Minister revealed however, that her Ministry has secured free learning airtime on radio to engage students that may not have access to online platforms during the coronavirus lockdown.

President Museveni on March 18 ordered for the closure of schools across the country in attempt to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The 30 days school closure elapses on April 20.  Mrs. Museveni urged teachers to prepare material for the next terms and remedial work based on lessons that will be carried on local radio stations.

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