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Dr gukiina

NRM Historicals Have a Duty to Support the Patriotic League of Uganda

posted onFebruary 21, 2024

By Dr. Joshua Gukiina (PhD)

Dear historicals; on behalf of the same minded Patriotic League Fraternity, permit me to express our profound gratitude to you all for your memorable contribution to the struggle to liberate Uganda and Africa in general.

We are indeed proud of you because, until now, this initiative has not only demanded your exceptional patience, strategic silence and sobriety but, as well other cherished personal resources. 

You do not have to be told that we treat you with utmost respect that a variety feel envious about. To state the least, you deserve our genuine affection as patriotic Ugandans. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the whirling negative energy after all, even Noah’s Ark, accommodated those that welcomed the good news in record time.

You and I are aware that revolutions mutate differently including giving birth to children such as the MK movement that is now a pressure group referred to as The Patriotic League of Uganda (PLU). Thanks to the brains at work for this rebranding that is yet to be over in the interest of strategic Ugandans.

Ideally, the purpose is to form a critical mass that shall undoubtedly announce its intention to democratically take over state power at an opportune time, the way the NRM did.

Please note that under the PLU, there is an ongoing peaceful evolution, a focused team that has nothing to do with any form of counterproductive behaviors that are evidently anti-patriotic and anti-pan Africanist. You have the freedom to watch the space to the dot.

It is the very reason that; we now welcome all same minded Ugandans to join us so that we can form a political forum of a life time in the history of Uganda and Africa as a whole since state building is our core agenda.

This is why, in consideration of the political journey that is already underway, the official PLU structure has to be filled by people that fit the attendant positions of responsibility.

In this regard, we invite you to respect Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba as our chairman of the league and his leadership team.

We are aware that he is the first son and need no reminder but, that is our choice as a league and we enjoy the monopoly of the decision that we took.

You equally may wish to know that it is a critical decision to choose who a statesman should be and we are alive to what it takes for one to become the same. In consideration of what it takes, please accept our constitution of the leadership.

The fact that Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba is the first son, should be appreciated constructively because, it has given him the opportunity to imagine and live the flavor and construction of statesmanship that are all rare experiences. 

At this moment, I take the singular honor to express my gratitude to the President of Uganda, His Excellency Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and the first lady Janet Kataha Museveni, for giving birth to and nurturing a statesman. We are proud of you for the work so far done to this effect. Thanks to the stately assignments so far exposed to him so he can emerge as one of a contribution to the struggle to liberate Uganda and Africa from the historical strategic challenges ahead.

We are aware that imperfection of human character is normal. We are not even about to state that our chairman is without any blame. We happily take note of the constructive criticisms that particular individuals mention about the person so stated.

This is because, collectively, we have a duty to construct the statesmanship so expected in him. However, you may wish to note that some elements of the historical bench are about if not already attacking the person of our chairman of the league. While this may be in order for them, to us as a league, we now consider it as personal vendetta that may soon attract our deliberate actions that shall be intended to eliminate its fermentation.

Please note that Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba is no longer a mere first son as could be insinuated. He is the fountain of honor of the Patriotic League of Uganda, in whom we feel honored to anticipate Uganda and Africa’s future. He is undoubtedly a brand of our generation with what it takes to be entrusted with the statesmanship of this honorable republic. We might not soon mind about any personal grudge with him because, it is running out of hand.

We don’t have to remind you about the old adage that “Even those with grey hair, originally had black” —- Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, has the potential to lead this country regardless of any implicit weaknesses that are human.

Please, accept that we have a duty to hear from you so we can learn from you. In case you have a contribution to the process of nurturing the president in him, please, invite us because, we feel insulted when you underestimate the leader of our choice. We are open to all forms of opportunities in which any right thinking Ugandans would love to identify with us through constructive dialogue over issues that shall facilitate our evolution into a more formidable mass to further the transformation of Uganda and Africa as a whole.

We are pan Africanists that are here to take over from you courteously. We believe in the fact that humans regenerate through their own that they take off time to shape for more meaningful life challenges. This is why, when I hear that seniors are angrily attacking the person we consider a necessary element in our revolutionary steps, quickly, we might choose to view you as potential saboteurs of our selfless natural efforts intended to rebrand Uganda and mother Africa. Frankly, gone are the days, when patriots were not patriotic.

We demand your input just as others did to you while you were forming into a force that many did not take seriously. Avail us the opportunity to contribute to our mother land in this respect. It might not be necessary for us to permanently remind you to do so because, we are aware that you have an active conscience that can choose to repair our near wounds.

To my dear president, let me hope that the attacks have not negatively affected you to the extent that you feel challenged to support us. Please, don’t because, we shall be disarmed. The future of Uganda and Africa as a whole lies in the fact that the conscious remain incessantly awake to the challenges that implicitly or otherwise, signal looming failure. There is not any justification whatsoever for liberators so respected to abruptly be unconscious about acts of potential direct re-colonization of mother Africa. This time round, we are awake.

The author is; a political scientist, former head of ideology MK Movement, Iganga District, a conscious member of the Patriotic League of Uganda and a senior lecturer, at Makerere University Business School.

Contact: 0781 501 409

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