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President Museveni

NRM saved Uganda from ideological ‘stagnation’ - Museveni

posted onDecember 26, 2020

President Yoweri Museveni has said most political parties in Uganda lack clear ideologies and that it is NRM’s clear ideology that’s helped transform the country.

“You can ask the Democratic Party or any other parties what their ideology is. I was part of those parties but I didn’t see any ideology,” the president said while meeting party leaders from the districts of Kyotera, Rakai and Lyantonde at Lwamagwa playgrounds in Lwamagwa town council in Rakai district.

“There was stagnation in terms of ideology until the NRM came to power and everything changed,” Museveni said.

Museveni, who is also the NRM presidential candidate, explained to the party leaders that roads, schools, hospitals, clean water and other services are projects that have been achieved by the NRM because of having a clear ideology on what to do.

According to him, NRM’s systematic way of doing things has seen the country grow by many miles ahead of many other African countries.

“I have just been commissioning the Kanoni—Sembabule—Villa Maria road and it now has tarmac for the first time in many years. It has been almost 100 years of modern governments but none of them had worked on the road because they never focused on people’s needs,” he said, according to

“Before the NRM came, there had never been a secondary school in Kooki. By 1961, there were only six secondary schools going up to A-level but now we have so many of them. This shows that the contribution of the NRM to this country’s development is big. The NRM has helped change the ideology from sectarianism to deal with people’s problems.”

The NRM presidential flag bearer told the party leaders that if the focus was tribes and religions, rather than people’s problems, Uganda would not have a strong army as is the case now because the soldiers come from different tribes.

He noted that now the country’s future is bright because the NRM changed the ideology to one that focuses on people’s problems and stressed that with patriotism and pan Africanism, the country will achieve more in terms of development.

“Stick to the NRM ideology which emphasizes politics of mobilization, discussion and agreement as opposed to politics of threat and violence,” he noted.

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