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Deputy Speaker with missionaries

Refrain from Politics, Anita Among Warns Christian NGO

by Max Pat
posted onMarch 8, 2022

Deputy Speaker Anita Among has met a delegation of United Kingdom based missionaries from Hope Christian Aid, a charity Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) operating in Uganda. 

The Christian mission that is based in Kassanda District has been providing humanitarian aid to the vulnerable poor since its inception in Uganda in 2020. 

On Monday, 07 March, 2020, the delegation of more than 30 missionaries paid a visit to the Deputy Speaker seeking for Parliament’s support to their cause. 

Among assured the charity organization of Parliament’s support to help them fulfill their mission only if they legitimately stick to Christian work and refrain from politics.  

“If we confirm you are a good NGO then we shall support and work with you. The problem is when we get NGOs that come to become politicians. Come and do Christian work, help the poor, do the skilling, but don’t come and become politicians. Instead, work with politicians like us to help you get what you need to achieve,” Among said. 

She commended the NGO for skilling Ugandan youth and creating jobs for them and promised to provide tax incentives for their legitimate charity works. 

Pastor Cornel Bodmariu, the leader of the delegation said that the mission has procured state of the art carpentry and welding machinery to help in skilling the youth. However, their biggest challenge is the safety of the equipment, a matter that the Deputy Speaker promised to solve. 

Cristina Ursu, one of the leading missionaries, appealed to Parliament to help them complete the adoption process of a 3 year old Ugandan born girl whom they would like to travel with to the UK. The girl, Sophia has been in their custody since she was 1 year old after she was found in a malnourished state of health. 

Among said that Parliament will support them to adopt vulnerable children within the confines of the laws of Uganda. 

“For as long as you follow the laws of Uganda on adoption then we shall have no problem because we need some of these young children to enjoy a life that other kids enjoy. We shall help you in the process of adoption,” she said. 

With its headquarters in Kassanda district, Hope Christian Aid organization was established on 28th September 2020 to help communities with human aid in terms of skilling, education, medicines, shelter etc.  The organization has carried out several projects in Kisoro, Entebbe Municipality and Kassanda.

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