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A protester in Hong Kong wearing a face mask. Courtesy photo

Uganda Concerned over “Radical, Violent” Hong Kong Protests

posted onOctober 3, 2019

By Fred Kiva

Uganda has expressed concern over continued protests in Hong Kong which government says have now turned radical and violent.

“The government of the Republic of Uganda has noted that in recent months the demonstrations in Hong Kong have become radical and violent. We have deep concern about the current situation,” a statement issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicates.

“Uganda firmly supports the “One Country, two Systems” policy of the People’s Republic of China on the matter of Hong Kong and other areas. Hong Kong is part of China. Hong Kong’s affairs are China’s domestic affairs,” the Ministry added in a statement issued on Thursday.

The government said however, it respects sovereignty of all countries and “objects to any foreign interference into the domestic affairs of other countries.” Hong Kong has since June been rocked by anti- government protests sparked by proposals to extradite suspected criminals to mainland China.

In recent weeks, the unrest has taken a more violent turn. An Indonesian journalist has been left permanently blinded in her right eye by a rubber bullet said to have been fired by police on Sunday. On Tuesday, an 18-year-old protester was wounded when a police officer fired a live bullet into his shoulder.

96 people, mostly students, were arrested on Sunday and have been charged for rioting in courts of law. Uganda’s statement comes at the time government of Hong Kong is set to announce a ban on wearing face masks at public gatherings. The ban is expected to be announced on Friday (tomorrow). The face masks are worn by protesters as protection against police teargas and rubber bullets.

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