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UPDF Contingent in Somalia Gets New Commander

“One of the most important functions of Command is to identify and propose those below you to the next rank and to the next office. I trust Brig Omola will deliver as Brig Katungi has delivered,” Gen Kayanja said.
posted onDecember 21, 2022

Brig Keith Katungi on Tuesday handed over the office of the UPDF Contingent Commander in Somalia to Brig Gen Peter Omola at an event held in Mogadishu, Somalia and officiated by the Commander of Land Forces Lt Gen Kayanja Muhanga.

Gen Muhanga said that he trusted Brig Omola to deliver to the expectations of Uganda, Somalia and the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS).

“One of the most important functions of Command is to identify and propose those below you to the next rank and to the next office. I trust Brig Omola will deliver as Brig Katungi has delivered,” Gen Kayanja said.

Gen Kayanja called for teamwork among the troops and encouraged UPDF officers and senior officers to always support and guide their subordinates in the most professional way instead of sidelining them, because the latter causes disgruntlement and hampers progress in the institution.

Gen Kayanja further thanked UPDF troops and the development partners in Somalia for their unwavering commitment towards pacifying Somalia.

“It is real sacrifice. People think that there is a lot of money here. For us who have been here, we see more sacrifice than the money that people talk about.”

Brig Katungi expressed his gratitude to the Commander in Chief (C-I-C) and MoDVA/UPDF leadership for the enormous support and guidance extended to him during his tour of duty in Somalia.

“Without the support of the leadership, the contingent commander here cannot do much.” He affirmed to Gen Kayanja that UPDF has remained resolute of pacifying Somalia for the peace and stability of the region since 2007 to date.

Brig Katungi asserted that, other than evaluating ATMIS’ achievements in Somalia in terms of offensive operations conducted against the enemy, the mission should be evaluated in terms of the social economic development of the country and the political transitions the country has undergone in the last 15 years of ATMIS’s presence in Somalia.

“There has been progressive development such as increase in the places of worship, schools, hospitals, business centers, the diplomatic presence among others in Somalia because of the improved security situation in the country,” Brig Katungi said.

He applauded the government of Somalia, Somali National Security Forces (SNSF) Troop Contributing Countries (TCCs), development partners, and the Somali people for their commitment and cooperation during his tour of duty to ensure that normalcy returns to Somalia

“With the Unity of effort of the FGS, SNSF, TCCs and other development partners, we have managed to go through.”

In his acceptance remarks, Brig Omolla expressed his appreciation to the C-I-C and the UPDF leadership for entrusting him with the responsibility of commanding ATMIS-sector one. Brig Omola pledged to continue working hand-in-hand with the MoDVA/UPDF leadership, FGS, SNSF, ATMIS and other development partners in the interest of Somalia and the region.

“I and my team will continue on this firm foundation that you have laid. I therefore request the support, and cooperation of the team remaining with me. Without you, I will not be able to deliver and we will not be able to fly our flag high. Let’s cooperate and accomplish this mission,” Brig Omola remarked.

Previously, the Commandant for Uganda Rapid Deployment Capability Center (URDCC), Brig Gen Omola becomes the 19th UPDF contingent commander in Somalia.

Uganda was the first country to deploy in Somalia in 2007 and is still the largest TCC to ATMIS, spreading across 240 kilometers with about 27 Forward operating bases (Fobs) in the regions of Banadir and Lower Shabelle.

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