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The writer Dennis Katungi

Museveni’s Fundamental Change is Evident

For me, Museveni ranks up there, not only for Uganda but Africa as a whole.
posted onJanuary 19, 2021

By Dennis Katungi

Loveve or loathe him, President Museveni is phenomenal.

In years to come, intellectuals in Higher Institutions of learning ought to unravel Musevenism just as they do with other greats of years gone by with unassailable legacy.

I have known students to work on the Darwinian theory (of Charles Darwin) or Thatcherism on a Master’s thesis.

For me, Museveni ranks up there, not only for Uganda but Africa as a whole.

In 1986, he promised a fundamental change -- the re-alignment of Uganda’s Politics into a democratic dispensation - item one on NRA/M’s 10 point program.

Despite our faltering steps, one can see the actual realization.

Six successful cycles of general elections are no mean achievement for chaotic post-independent Uganda prior to 1986.

The simplicity and calmness with which President Museveni handles intractable issues and remains unruffled is unparalleled.

He has stretchable elasticity uncommon with African strong-men.

When interviewed on camera some time back, he said: “ I am not a servant of anybody. I am a freedom fighter, I don’t do it because I am your servant, I am fighting for myself, my beliefs. I am not an employee”.

He was misconstrued and pilloried by the Press - but for those who understand him, that was a seriously loaded statement.

Imagine a leader who approaches his responsibility as if his life depended on it, struggling for dear life!

He starts with himself as a freedom fighter, secures self, family, his country and now grapples with regional and pan-African matters.

How is such a person employable?

Revolutionary leaders on this continent are few and far between.

He is self-driven and functions on his own terms!

Our people would rather fall for crafty politicians who profess ‘I am a servant of the people, I work for others not for myself’, which is a lie.

There’s no doubt Museveni has worked to secure Uganda’s future and is so keen on East African integration and pan-Africanism.

Observe the way he dealt with Mr Kyagulanyi’s negative energy and confrontational approach.

The real President gave the stubborn Ghetto ‘president’ a rope with the noose wide open. Kyagulanyi just picked it and hung himself in the recent NUP defeat.

The ghetto president’s aim was never winning an election, but to cause an insurrection. He thought he would ride the wave of the Arab Spring, a bad miscalculation.

He got himself foreign backers - the usual suspects led by Robert Amsterdam - a cabal of ‘Corporate hitmen’ and dodgy NGOs smelling Uganda’s Oil & mineral wealth.

Mr Kyagulanyi thought he would offer Uganda as a franchise, but failed miserably because Uganda had serious people in charge.

Armed with LGBT bully power and deep pockets, energized by foreign media and some diaspora social media miscreants who long lost touch with Uganda’s political dynamic, he embarked on his project with reckless abandon.

It is on record that Kyagulanyi’s boys had a list of properties and high-performance vehicles earmarked for confiscation from their rightful owners after getting in charge.

Whether the owners would survive or be bumped off, only their circle knows.

They rode rough-shod with the law, poking fingers in Police Officers noses and removing their covid protection gear.

His private security roughed up people and engaged in running battles with law enforcement including damaging Police vehicles.

He told his crowds not to worry about wearing masks, as long as they gave him wild cheer on his deadly escapades!

He broke every standard operating procedure put in place by the Ministry of Health to try and curb the spread of covid 19 and ignored the Electoral Commission’s guidelines.

He vowed to make Uganda ungovernable but again failed miserably in his scheme. There are parallels to draw with the recent events at the US Capitol Hill.

Those extremists who ransacked the US Parliament planned beforehand and were egged on by their leader just like Kyagulanyi’s goons planned beforehand to burn Kampala.

They too waited for a spark which came fast and furious with Kyagulanyi’s arrest in Luka for breaking the law.

The rehearsal actualised!

They attempted to ransack the city but were stopped by security, some, unable to return home that evening.

They left collateral damage in their wake, some innocent people caught in the crossfire, a sad affair indeed – the unnecessary loss of life.

In Kampala as at the US Capitol, many of the rampaging goons were captured on CCTV!

Some of those in the US attack, laden with their loot, found Police waiting for them at their doorsteps.

Most of Kyagulanyi’s riotous ringleaders and unruly private security are in jail -- the State armed with incontrovertible CCTV evidence to pin them in courts of law.

There are reported suicide cases amongst the US goons who received notices that they could never travel out of US and were placed on terror lists.

They include an off-duty Policeman who engaged in the mayhem. Their leader is going through impeachment proceedings and may well end up in disgrace.

Museveni is like a chain, he looks outwardly simple but tough if you try stretching him.

The Uganda he leads is like a new vehicle mashed up through a test crash from the factory - to ascertain its safety features and the protection it gives to the driver and passengers in case of a high impact.

We survived the crashes of Amin, the bush war, Lakwena, ADF, Kony, and many other rebellions. We battled HIV- Aids head on, we are now grappling with the Covid19.

Uganda is a resilient Nation, its security apparatus including the armed forces shield us with a safety-net.

They are strong and disciplined.

NRM will continue to renew itself and strengthen Uganda. Charlatans and those in bed with foreign agents such as these NUP actors, who have just lost at the ballot are unlikely to have a hand at governing Uganda in their current formation.

Dennis Katungi is a Communications & Media Relations Manager at Uganda Media Centre 

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