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MultiChoice Uganda Strengthens GOtv Platform with New Local Channel

“With channels like Smart24 TV now available for all Ugandans, we are confident that matters pertaining to business news and current affairs can be accessed…," Nathan Nabeta Igeme, the Chairman Smart24 TV said.
posted onMay 30, 2022

MultiChoice Uganda on Friday added Smart24 TV to its growing list of channels showing on its GOtv platform.

The Speaker of Parliament Anita Among hailed the entrepreneurial minds of the people behind Smart24 TV.

“This initiative is going to create jobs for the young people in Uganda, and for this, on behalf of the Government, we appreciate you and congratulations! We pledge as the Parliament of Uganda to support this enterprise," she said.

While addressing the press at the launch and handover, Brian Mulondo, the head of Local Content at MultiChoice Uganda, recognized the value of the latest development 

"We recognize that the love for local content and channel is growing and as such with channels like Smart 24 TV, Ugandans will have relatable content to watch,” he said.

Smart 24 TV, which is a Ugandan business channel broadcasting in both English and Luganda, includes a content mix of local live talk shows, special events, documentaries and business updates.

In addition to the launch of Smart 24 TV and in their bid to ease access to quality entertainment, MultiChoice handed over GOtv Lite decoders with a year’s subscription to charity homes and orphanages which were recommended to them by the Smart 24 TV team.

While handing over the decoders, Josephine Namuddu, the GOtv Brand Manager, thanked these charity homes for looking out for young and needy Ugandans, and empathized the importance of brands like GOtv Uganda, finding ways in which they can support these charities.  

“With channels like Smart 24 now available for all Ugandans, we are confident that matters pertaining to business news and current affairs can be gotten from such channels. In addition to that we offer an array of content ranging from edutainment, entertainment, current affairs, sports, to mention but a few.” Nathan Nabeta Igeme, the Chairman Smart24 TV said

Igeme thanked MultiChoice for enabling the station reach an even wider audience through the GOtv platform. 

“Most of our viewers will now easily access our content given that we will be available on the GOtv platform. Smart 24 TV started in 2018 and it is definitely one of our milestones to see that we have launched onto GOtv,” he mentioned.

 Smart 24 TV is available to all GOtv subscribers on channel 394


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