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Inside Second Rwenzori Tourism, Trade and Investment Summit

posted onSeptember 5, 2023

Rwenzori Sub region recently held a Tourism, Trade, and Investment summit with the goal of highlighting the district’s latent tourism potential. The event was organized by the Tourism Investors’ Forum.

On Friday, September 1, the event themed “Accelerating Sustainable Tourism Investments in a Competitive and Globalized Market by Enhancing Destination Kasese with a Memorable Rwenzori Experience” was held at the Rwenzori International Hotel. Bwambale Kyamakya John, Chief Internal Auditor, Uganda Investment Authority (UIA), addressing on behalf of Director General Robert Mukiza, underlined the importance of shifting from a consumptive society to one driven by investment

“Our focus goes beyond Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).” “We are equally committed to assisting Ugandans in making successful domestic investments,” he stated.

Richard Nuwenyesiga, Acting Director of Domestic Investment Division (DID) emphasized the several investment opportunities in Kasese. He claims that the Rwenzori Mountains provide a one-of-a-kind natural canvas, and he encourages potential investors to consider investing in a safari company, a hospitality training institute, or a hotel to capitalize on her potential.

Godfrey Baluku Kabbyanga, State Minister for ICT and National Guidance, praised the government’s efforts to foster a business-friendly environment, noting that Kasese offers a safe haven for stay with well-paved roads via Fort Portal and Mbarara, robust security, and round-the-clock patrols.

He said that Kasese airfield is on track to become a major hub and thanked the President for his support. Rev. Eng. Fataki Gabriel, Chairperson of Rwenzori Theluji, stated that Kasese is a hidden tourism gem yearning to bloom and has untapped potential that can benefit everybody, congratulating UIA for supporting and fostering this awakening.   

“Strengthening ties with the Democratic Republic of the Congo is critical for regional growth.” “Let us turn Kasese into a logistics hub that connects nations and fosters prosperity,” he urged.

Muhindi Eliphaz, Kasese District Chairperson, appealed to all possible investors to develop the land in the Industrial Park within 2-3 years, noting that others are ready to take the chance.The Director of Tourism, Wildlife, and Antiquities Basil Ajer praised UIA for establishing an industrial park in Kasese.

“From my days at UIA, I helped lay the groundwork for Kasese Industrial Park, and seeing an investor there today makes me happy!” Tourism is a team effort that includes the boda boda driver, the hotelier, and everyone else in the tourism chain. “Let us embrace it as everyone’s concern,” he said.

Sophie Kayongo, Head of Product Development, Investment, and Research at Uganda Tourism Board, spoke on behalf of the Chief Executive Officer, Lilly Ajarova, emphasizing that Uganda’s tourist business is inextricably linked to Kasese. Six of Uganda’s ten national parks are accessible through the area! Let us go exploring Kasese’ treasures.

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