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Violet Akurut has returned as NRM flag bearer

MP Akurut Defeats Ex-Minister Alupo in Fresh NRM Polls for Katakwi Woman Seat

posted onOctober 14, 2020

Incumbent Katakwi Woman MP Viola Akurut has regained her victory after defeating ex-education minister Jessica Alupo in the fresh elections conducted on Wednesday.

Alupo was controversially declared the winner of 4th September NRM primaries prompting Akurut to petition the NRM EC citing vote rigging, alteration of declaration forms and withholding of her results in the Okore sub county where she reportedly got 10,144 votes.

In the ruling, the NRM Tribunal ¬last week said that indeed the election was marred with irregularities and subsequently declared Akurut the winner after her missing results in Okore Sub County were tallied. Akurut according to the tribunal got 39,579 against Alupo’s 38,616 votes. However, the NRM CEC sat recently and controversially decided that a fresh election should be conducted in the contested Okore sub county.

Whereas the re-election was conducted on short notice on Wednesday, Akurut still proved her might when she beat her rival, Alupo with a landslide margin having garnered 19,186 votes against Alupo’s 87 votes in the Wednesday poll. The results from Okore gave Akurut the lead with total of 48,671 against Alupo’s 38,667.

Alupo has remained a very unpopular political figure in Katakwi ever since she was ousted in 2016 polls. She has also been cited in the Tuesday election violence that so scores injured after her camp allegedly organized goons to beat up voters in Okore sub county. Akurut will now hold the NRM flag for Katakwi Woman MP and is expected to be nominated tomorrow (Thursday).

Akurut has turned into a painful thorn in Alupo’s flesh having beaten her in 2015 NRM primaries and later in the 2016 general polls. She is back to haunt the former minister who is so desperate to regain her seat by hook or crook. However, the voters will remain the ultimate deciders of this heated race in 2021 in case Alupo returns as an independent candidate.

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