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Dough Ford

Canadian Investor Secretly Funding NUP to Destabilize Ugandan Government

posted onDecember 29, 2020

With less than two weeks to 2021 general elections, foreign governments and investors have continued to meddle into Uganda’s internal political affairs by funding opposition politicians to destabilize the NRM ruling government.

Classified email correspondences have detailed how a Canadian investor and politician is spearheading the foreign campaign to mobilize financial resources and coordinate political strategies to aide opposition party- National Unity Platform (NUP) to oust President Yoweri Museveni and the NRM government.

Doug Ford,56, is a Canadian businessman and politician serving as the 26th and current premier of Ontario since June 29, 2018. He is also a member of the Progressive Conservative Party and represents the Toronto area riding of Etobicoke North in the Ontario Legislature.

Intelligence has revealed that for the last one month, Doug Ford has been in constant communication with top officials from NUP and has been mobilizing huge amounts of money to fund the opposition party whose presidential candidate is Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine.

In one of the leaked emails dated December 26, 2020, Doug Ford emailed one of the top NUP contacts (names withheld) highlighting some of their strategy and plans to oust President Museveni whom he subjectively referred to as “a dictator.”

In his email, Dough says that he has been closely following political activities in Uganda and that he is in touch with his entire network in Canada and other countries. “I will attempt to contact the Ugandan consulate in Canada, USA, Germany and England. We believe it is time to have change in Uganda no more games our team is planning to have some trips to Uganda for adventure, some of them USA potential donors…,” the email reads.

Apparently, the foreigners led by Doug Ford are planning to use Christian organization to infiltrate the country and hatch their plans to undemocratically oust the NRM government.

“We are looking for the best organizations to host our team while in Uganda and we are looking at Youth With Mission. It is the right network being Christian ministry, our team will travel and do missionary work yet our plan is to support the opposition our master cards can access withdraw of funds in any bank,” Dough’s email reads.

Their strategy is to penetrate villages in Uganda and actively participate in doing activities with local people at the same time spying on them. Youth With A Mission (YWAM) is an international volunteer movement of people from many backgrounds, cultures and traditions with a purpose to serve the society throughout the world. Youth With A Mission has a branch in Jinja, Uganda named YWAM Hope Land.

Apparently, Doug Ford has already mobilized resources from different NGOs, foreign organizations, investors, politicians and foreign journalists.

On December 27, 2020, an American investigative journalist, Amy Goodman, the Host of Democracy Now, a global news program emailed a top NUP official saying she had been informed about the activities of NUP by Doug Ford and that she has made her financial contribution of $58,180 Canadian (about Shs165m) and another $20,000 Canadian (about Shs57m) has been wired to a one Dr. Akankwasa who is a contact for NUP.

According to the leaked emails, foreigners are planning to apply the same strategy that Americans used to defeat Donald Trump by supporting Joe Biden’s coalition. The plan is to support the opposition and use social media, YouTube, propaganda, and riots to draw more attention to western world.

Other foreigners who are reportedly funding NUP’s Robert Kyagulanyi are the gay communities in the western world. Pro-gay communities are said to be Bobi Wine’s biggest allies ahead of the 2021 elections. It is not a surprise that in July 2019, Kyagulanyi was awarded an accolade from a group of activists that advocate for homosexuality.

Kyagulanyi who was accompanied by Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake, received the award at the Rainbow PUSH Coalition Annual Conference in Chicago, in the United States of America. During the awards ceremony, Bobi Wine was seen rubbing shoulders with Mr Chasten Buttigieg who is married to a fellow man (Pete Buttigieg).

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