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Capt Caroline Busingye

UPDF Captain Dies in Entebbe Helicopter Crash

posted onFebruary 11, 2021

Captain Caroline Busingye, one of the two cadet trainees who were involved in a plane crash Thursday afternoon has been pronounced dead. 

The UPDF chopper crashed in Entebbe near Spenah Beach at around 2:15PM shortly after take off, according UPDF spokesperson Brig Gen Flavia Byekwaso.

Byekwaso in a message revealed that Capt. Busingye one of the officers on board died shortly after the incident. 

“It is with sadness that we announce the passing on of Capt Caroline Busingye after she was involved in a plane crash today afternoon in Entebbe. We Commiserate with the family of the late and the UPDF Air force fraternity during this very difficult moment," Byekweso said.

The UPDF helicopter crashed near Spenah Beach
The UPDF helicopter crashed near Spenah Beach 


Byekwaso said in her earlier tweet that the jet ranger piloted by two cadet trainees was on a mutual training flight before it came down immediately after takeoff near Spenah beach. The two were rushed to hospital to ascertain their health. 

Capt Caroline Busingye becomes the second female UPDF pilot to die in a helicopter crash in just over a year, after Maj Naomi Karungi who died in another crash in Butambala district in January 2020.

The incident comes barely 4 days after the AMISOM helicopter crashed in Somalia injuring four UPDF soldiers who were on board. 

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