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President Museveni with First Lady Janet during the commemoration of the Jani Luwum day. PPU PHOTO

It Was Cowardly for Amin to Kill His Critics - Museveni

posted onFebruary 17, 2021

President Yoweri Museveni has said that former Ugandan president Idi Amin showed cowardice, laziness, lack of self-confidence and insecurity by killing former Archbishop of Uganda, Janani Luwum in 1977 when he criticised his government over several atrocities.

Luwum was shot dead after being tortured, but his murder was disguised as resulting from a road accident by the then sitting government. 

Luwum had consistently and publicly criticized Amin's government over state inspired kidnaps, murder, obstruction to justice, abductions, nepotism, tribalism.

Speaking at the celebrations to mark the Janani Luwum Day at State House, Museveni said, unlike Amin, for him, he doesn't fear criticism because he can counter-argue his critics even if they are religious leaders with a huge following. 

"By killing Archbishop Janani Luwum, it shows that Amin was insecure and coward. Killing people who are not armed is laziness...It means the killer doesn't have enough confidence that they will win an argument. That is why they want to silence them," said Museveni.

Museveni added that even religious leaders are free to criticise him and his government so long as they are balanced in their criticism.

The clergy, he said, should not criticise only the security people when they make mistakes, but also the people who want to disturb the peace that he and his generation fought for. Further, he said he's very happy that he avenged the killing of Archbishop Luwum and other people.

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