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Army Spokesperson Brig Richard Karemire. Courtesy photo

New Vision Newspaper Apologizes to UPDF Over City Robbery Story

posted onJune 11, 2019

By Kampala Post Reporter

The New Vision Newspaper has apologized to the UPDF over a story implicating some Generals in City robberies.

In its Sunday Issue, the government-owned newspaper carried a front-page headline, “Top General Linked to City Robberies”, which rubbed the UPDF the wrong way prompting them to demand apologies from the media house.

Now Army Spokesperson Brig Richard Karemire has posted on his social media, a written apology by the New Vision Newspaper to the army in which the media house admits mistakes.

“We apologize to the army leadership for the inconvenience and particularly the two-star Generals who may have been falsely perceived to be involved in criminal activity,” the apology reads in part.

“Where there is a lapse we acknowledge our mistakes, take full responsibility for our actions, make amends with those who are offended and seek to improve our methods of work,” the newspaper pledged.

Recently gunmen raided Cheap Hardware in Nansana, where six gun-wielding thugs blocked the Hoima- Kampala road and raided the hardware store in broad daylight, shooting dead three workers and taking off with an unspecified sum of money. Questions have since been raised on the source of the guns being used to terrorize the city yet suspects go away with it.

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