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President Yoweri Museveni
President Yoweri Museveni and First Lady Janet Museveni arrive at Hotel Africana for the National Prayer Breakfast. Courtesy Photo

Museveni Warns Leaders Against Breach of Public Trust

If you can’t be trusted with small things then you can’t be trusted with big things. So you leaders should be careful, if you have the little trust then you should not break it - President Museveni
posted onOctober 8, 2018

By Max Patrick Ocaido

KAMPALA. President Yoweri Museveni has warned leaders against breach of public trust, saying it would lead to their downfall.

He said this during his brief address at the 20th National Prayer Breakfast at Hotel Africana which brought together several dignitaries from within and outside the country.

“If you can’t be trusted with small things then you can’t be trusted with big things. So you leaders should be careful, if you have the little trust then you should not break it.”

Museveni recalled how former Tanzanian President Mwalimu Julius Nyerere trusted him during the struggle despite the fact that he was a “nobody.”

Museveni who was rushing to attend the Great Lakes Region Summit also advised leaders to seek God for wisdom because He provides the best oversight.

“When we talk about oversight, don’t think about these Members of Parliament, look at God. He is the oversight. Once you fulfill the little trust given to you then he will take you to greater heights,” he said.

He also advised Ugandans to work hard, adding that one reaps they sow

Meanwhile, President Museveni once again blasted Europe’s World Bank for wasting Uganda’s precious time that resulted into a decline in economic growth.

The President said that the country had relied on World Bank for financial assistance to build infrastructure, but the international body failed to live to the Uganda’s expectations.

“We were wasting a lot of time with World Bank, but these people are not serious, they need to come here for repentance,” Museveni said.

“So we decided to construct our roads by ourselves because our economy was starting to drop. But now the economy of Uganda is beginning to gallop. Last year we grew at 6.9% and hoping to do much better.”

Keynote speaker, Dr. Derrick Samuels of Samuels Leadership Institute, US warned Ugandans and Africa at large against laziness saying that prayer without action is “dead.”

“There is no one who was born with a disease called poverty. There is a season for sowing and reaping. So if you don’t sow, you won’t reap. Why is Africa the most prayerful in the world, but many people are still poor? Prayer without process results into poverty. Process results into prosperity,” Dr. Samuels said.

The Nigerian born inspirational speaker told the congregation to only eat at breakfast, use the lunch time for action and accountability for dinner.

“Prayer without action is an abomination. God has not cheated Africa, the solution is in our hands,” he said, before encouraging Uganda to “Buy Uganda, Build Uganda.”

The National Prayer Breakfast is held annually and is celebrated on the eve of the country’s Independence Day due tomorrow on October 9th. This year’s Prayer breakfast was under the theme “All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.”

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