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Bank of Uganda Governor, Emmanuel Mutebile chats with Mutyaba recently. Courtesy Photo

Meet Stanley Mutyaba: An Enterprising Youth Who Employed 18 People at 19 Years of Age

Mutyaba has direct access to countries such as Zimbabwe, South Africa, Rwanda, Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda and his well-organized office carries portraits of him rubbing shoulders with shakers and movers of this country and other countries.
posted onNovember 5, 2018

By Max Patrick Ocaido 

KAMPALA. If you are such a young person who is full of negative energy and waits to be served on a silver platter, then you will not rub shoulders with a 26 year old Stanley Mutyaba, a business-oriented young man whose story continues to inspire many youths.

At the age of 19 years while a student at Makerere University pursuing Bachelors of Commerce, Mutyaba started his first business venture where he put up hair salons around Wandegeya, directly employing 18 workers.

While speaking to this reporter at his palatial office along Kampala road, Mutyaba says that his savings from salon business kick-started his journey into building a multimillion business empire that he is running. 

“From salon business, I managed to build my capital and later moved into meat, hides and skins business. But it was quite challenging because the business [hides and skins] was too informal with a lot of informal people who had a lot of hatred and negative energy.

It’s from here that I went into food and catering services where I got a tender to manage the parliamentary canteen in the 9th Parliament,” Mutyaba said.

Stanley Mutyaba poses for a photo with  the Ramaphosas of South Africa. Courtesy Photo

It is from the food and catering business that Mutyaba's life changed, the business was booming which enabled him accumulate some money thus empowering him to give out soft loans to MPs and as well build his vast network.

When his contract with parliament ended, he moved into real estate and started up an office in Nansana, Wakiso district where he now employs about 20people directly and about 50 indirectly.

The University graduate now runs a mining company-Kats mineral geologists Ltd where he acquires mineral licenses and sells them to investors especially in South Africa.

He is also the director of Kats financial investments which gives financial assistance to businessmen. Mutyaba is also soon launching out his private security organization-Kats Security Services Ltd.

Mutyaba considers Amama Mbabazi (C) and Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda as his mentors. Courtesy Photo

Mutyaba says that his story of success was made possible because of his attitude, positive mindset towards work, honesty and mentorship.

“I encourage my fellow youths to work hard, they can be what they want as long as they change their mindset.

I have built a strong network of influential people in this world and my mindset is now the limit because I can be whatever I want. My fellow youth should not fear to start. When you start then you can be helped so don't fear to start,” he said.

Mutyaba is a close friend to Andile Ramaphosa, son to South African President Cyril Ramaphosa and indeed the two were inseparable during the latter’s introduction ceremony when he was marrying Amama Mbabazi’s daughter Bridget Birungi.

Mutyaba says that apart from Rampahosa who guides him a lot in business, he also has other mentors such as Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto and former minister Mike Mukula.

Stanley Mutyaba poses for a photo with William Ruto, Deputy President of Kenya. Courtesy Photo

He also has a wide network of influential people in the country who are just a phone call such as Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda, business mogul Sudhir Ruparelia, Bank of Uganda Governor, Emmanuel Mutebile and others.

It is also through Mutyaba that socialite zari Hasan got connected to the Ministry of Tourism where she is now the ambassador trying to promote tourism in the country.

Mutyaba says that he got closer to Zari during the burial of her husband, Ivan Ssemwanga in 2017.

“Her late husband [Ssemwanga] was a family friend. So we met at the burial and I encouraged her to be strong. After interacting with her, I realized Zari shares the same dream with me, so I decided to partner with her in marketing tourism and more projects are still coming,” he said.

Mutyaba is said to have been part of the team that brought Hassan Zari closer to Tourism minister Godfrey Kiwanda (R) for the tourism Ambassador  job. Courtesy Photo

Mutyaba has direct access to countries such as Zimbabwe, South Africa, Rwanda, Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda and his well-organized office carries portraits of him rubbing shoulders with shakers and movers of this country and other countries.

Mutyaba who is the first baby boy in a family of 7 hails from Masaka and is also the founder Pearl of Africa Youth Awards. 

He continues to move with his head up despite business challenges and says that in the future, he wants to settle into extensive commercial agriculture after his companies have stabilized. He believes his agriculture venture will flourish considering that he wants to partner with some of his South African friends who want to do value addition.

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