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Ugandan CDF, Operation Shujaa Commander in DRC for Strategic Meetings

posted onApril 17, 2022

The Ugandan Chief of Defence Forces Gen Wilson Mbadi and the overall commander of Operation Shujaa Maj Gen Kayanja Muhanga are the Democratic Republic of Congo to plan future actions against terrorists.

 Gen Wilson Mbandi and Maj Gen Muhanga will meet Gen Munsense Celestin over the Implementation of the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) in regard to Operation Shujaa, among others. 

 Amb. Eng Kaliisa, Uganda’s Ambassandor to DRC is also accompanying the Uganda CDF.

The UPDF and FARDC forces have pushed ADF Terrorists out of their strongholds including their headquarters Kambi Ya Yua.

In February, the joint forces of Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) and the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo announced that they had dislodged ADF rebels in the Triangle of Death in Mukakati, Erigeti, Kainama, Boga, Tchabi, River Semliki Bridge and Burasi.

After inflicting heavy causalities on the enemy, joint forces have now embarked on humanitarian activities such as construction of water points, roads, medical camps, participation in community activities, supplying of food items, community mobilisation, among others.

“The intention is to bring on board all stakeholders affected by the ADF atrocities in order to have a common objective and influence their opinions towards eradication of violence in the eastern part of DR Congo,” Maj Peter Mugisa, the operation shujaa spokesperson said recently.

“These activities also intend to win the hearts and minds of the civilian population in order to fight the common enemy of peace together, we need the support of the population for information and trust,” he added.

He added: “It is also important to conduct a unified action and integration of activities with governmental and non-governmental entities with military operations in order to achieve unity of effort,” he said.

Maj Mugisa said the joint forces are also conducting both night and day patrols, protecting vital installations, as well as hunting down ADF remnants.

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