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Museveni Condemns Cattle Rustlers in Karamoja

Museveni Condemns Cattle Rustlers in Karamoja

by Max Pat
posted onJune 7, 2022

President  Museveni has condemned continued cattle rustling in Karamoja sub region despite strengthened security deployments. 

Museveni said that fighting cattle rustlers is very expensive and yet the same money could be channeled for the growth of the region. Nevertheless, Museveni assured the country of peace and security saying thousands of Local Defence Unit (LDU) personnel have been trained to pacify the neighboring districts from rustlers. 

"We have trained tens of thousands of LDUs that I passed out at Kaweweta, Labwordwong, Olilim, etc, recently and many of them have been absorbed into

the divisions to boost manpower. As I have said repeatedly, the cattle – rustlers will soon lose appetite for the gun," Museveni said. 

He was speaking at the Parliamentary plenary sitting in Kololo Independence Grounds where he delivered the State of the Nation Address in accordance with Article 101(1) of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda. This also marked the official opening of the 2nd Session of the 11th Parliament. 

"However, the cattle rustlers and the other 

terrorists should be condemned and they should also condemn themselves because of okwetera endobo, 

bekuba – endobo (hurting one’s shin as you play football)," he said. 

"All understanding people should denounce this sabotage of cattle rustling because we are spending a lot on soldiers. This is the money we should be spending in Karamoja and other areas on the roads, the schools, the health centres, the PDM, the emyooga," he said. 

In May this year, Parliament approved Shs87.5 billion supplementary budget to pacify Karamoja sub region in a disarmament exercise, code named "Usalama Kwa Wote" loosely translated to mean "Peace for All."

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