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Parliament Vets new Members of the Electoral Commission

Parliament Vets new Members of the Electoral Commission

by Max Pat
posted onJanuary 16, 2024

The Committee on Appointments, chaired by Speaker Anita Among on Tuesday sat and vetted the presidential nominees to the Electoral Commission.

This comes after President Yoweri Museveni made new changes to include James Peter Emorut and Caroline Bainamaryo after withdrawing Pamela Etonu Okudi and Robert Kasule Sebunya from the first list released on 05 January 2024.

In accordance with Rule 171 of the Parliament Rules of Procedure, the Speaker is expected to communicate in writing the recommendations of the Committee to the President. The new nominees are; Justice Simon Byamukama (Chairperson), Hajjati Aisha Lubega (Deputy Chairperson), James Peter Emorut, Stephen Tashobya, Anthony Okello, Dr. Simba Ssali and Caroline Bainamaryo.

The Electoral Commission is set up under Article 60 of the Constitution of Uganda which stipulates that there shall be an Electoral Commission consisting of a Chairperson, a Deputy Chairperson, and five other members appointed by the President with the approval of Parliament.

Article 61 of the Constitution provides the functions of EC which among others include; ensuring that regular, free, and fair elections are held; organising, conducting, and supervising elections and referenda in accordance with this Constitution; and demarcating constituencies in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution; among others.


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