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The shrine is near Rubaga Catholic Cathedral. Courtesy photo

One Shot Dead as Thugs Attack Rubaga Catholic Shrine

posted onSeptember 19, 2019

By Fred Kiva

A machete wielding thug was on Thursday morning shot dead as he and two others tried to access the Rubaga Catholic Shrine.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Patrick Onyango says the suspect was shot by a security guard attached to Securex security Ltd as the machete wielding thugs attempted to attack him at around 3am.

He says the three thugs gained access to the Catholic shrine in Rubaga through the water channel and roughed up the caretaker on noticing that he had seen them. “They grabbed him and he made an alarm that attracted the security guard who was guarding Access Building along Rubaga road,” Onyango explained.

He added, “On reaching there he (the guard) ordered the thugs to stop beating the caretaker, but they instead turned to him and he shot one dead and the others took off.” Onyango says nothing was stolen. The shrine contains historical images and statutes that tell the history of Catholicism in Uganda.

Police suspect the thugs targeted those valuables and some offertory. The body of the thug identified as William Otuke has been taken to City mortuary, pending postmortem. Meanwhile the security guard has recorded a statement about the incident at Old Kampala Police Station.

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