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Resigned: CCEDU National Coordinator Crispin Kaheru. Courtesy photo

CCEDU National Coordinator Crispin Kaheru Resigns

posted onOctober 8, 2019

By Kampala Post Reporter

The National Coordinator of the Citizens Coalition for Electoral Democracy (CCEDU) Mr Crispin Kaheru has resigned.

Mr Kaheru, in a resignation letter dated September 11, 2019 addressed to the CCEDU board chairperson, Dr Miria Matembe, says that his resignation takes effect on October 11 this year. He states in the letter that he is quitting the coalition after exactly nine years having fulfilled his personal goals which he pledged while joining the electoral advocacy group.

The outgoing CCEDU national coordinator also lists three broad areas of achievement under his tenure including developing human capital in which the organization’s professional staff number attached to the secretariat grew from two in 2009 to 15 full-time staff in 2019. He also notes that he is leaving behind a team of 9,645 trained, domestic election observers spread across the country. “CCEDU has built a robust human resource pool in every district of Uganda which has kept CCEDU on top of political and electoral developments in the country every day,” he states in the letter.

“During my tenure, I have had the honour of coordinating critical nationwide citizen-centred electoral advocacy efforts as well as superintending over non-conventional voter mobilization campaigns such as ‘’Honour Your vote, Votability and Topowa” he says, adding that these campaigns positively influenced numerous of Ugandans to participate in the 2016 General elections.

Although Kaheru clearly states that he is quitting after achieving his set goals, unconfirmed reports point to financial constraints facing the NGO after some of the sponsors withdrew support recently.

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