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Minister Ogwang inspecting gov't projects in Masindi

9 District Officials Arrested over Mismanagement of Government Projects in Masindi

by KP
posted onSeptember 20, 2021

At least 9 District officals have been arrested over mismanagement of government projects in Masindi. 

The officials were arrested on orders of State Minister for Economic Monitoring Peter Ogwang who has pitched camp in  Bunyoro Subregion to monitor the implementation of Central and Local Government Programs and Projects. 

Some of those who have been arrested include; District Principal Internal Auditor, Okise Patrick, Richard Obwana, head of Finance, District Construction Engineer, Humuza John. 
Others are; district water officer, Procurement officer, Town Clerk etc. 

Ogwang said that the 9 district officials have been handed over to CID Police in Masindi to aid investigations into the alleged mismanagement of funds meant for implementation of several district projects. 

"We can not continue operating like this. Whoever is swindling funds with impunity will be brought to book. Ugandans are entrusting us with their votes, but the civil servants are making the people lose confidence and trust in the NRM government because of their corrupt tendencies," Ogwang said. 

He warned the District Police Commander against mismanaging the case against the corrupt officials, saying he will deal with them as well. 

In Kimengo Subcounty in Masindi District, district officers connived with the contractor and swindled over Shs88m meant to construct boreholes for the communities who are grappling with water crisis and have been forced to share water sources with animals. 

"I went to inspect and commission a borehole in Kimengo in Masindi and what I found was a ghost borehole and yet the District went ahead and paid the contractor. There are 3 other non-existent boreholes in the Subcounty. All the responsible officers have been handed over to Police," Ogwang tweeted. 

During the field visits, Minister Ogwang who was accompanied by Bunyoro Affairs minister Janepher Namuyangu cited several projects which were shodily done. 

In Nyangahya Division and Bwijanga Subcounty, poor workmanship and defects were cited in the construction of Katasenywa HCIII, Kihangani Primary School, five stance lined pit latrines, Kinuumi Primary School etc.

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