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BWS chairman Mr Charles N Lambert. Courtesy photo

Africa to become Super Power by 2034 - Charles N Lambert

posted onJanuary 14, 2022

The King of the Black Wall Street and leader of Africa's first economic war for economic independence Charles N Lambert has said that the foundation to make Africa a super power by 2034 has been concluded.

Mr Lambert says that since January 2011, he has been working towards this vision and that the time has now come to start implementing the ideas developed since he embarked on the vision as revealed to him by the God of Abraham eleven years ago.

"This is not my idea but God's idea, many people like giving me credit but this is all God's idea. I am only privileged to hear and write what God is telling me," Lambert said.

He revealed this on Tuesday night at the Black Wall Street House where the eleventh anniversary for the vision was marked.

During his preaching, Mr Lambert explained that God wants to manifest his goodness on earth through Africa by making it a super power nation.

When this happens, according to Mr Lambert, people from all over the world will start migrating to Africa and trying to replicate what will be in Africa by 2034.

The BWS leader noted that the Kingdom of God that espouses God's ideas, administration, philosophy and ways of doing things is what will turn Africa into a super power nation that will be envied everywhere else.

Interpreting various bible verses about the Kingdom of God and how God works, Lambert noted that the Kingdom of God lives in those that understand God's philosophy and use it to run the earth.

Luke 17:21 

"The Kingdom of God is within you. It is when you have the capacity to understand God's administration to run the earth, that's when you are going to have the Kingdom of God," Lambert explained before adding that. You don't look anywhere else but within you."

The Trinity Platform

According to Lambert who is the creator of compassionate capitalism, a system that ensures a win-win situation for producers and consumers of goods, looking within to find the Kingdom of God is synonymous with the trinity platform that he has been building with the guidance of the God of Abraham.

The Trinity Platform comprises of three entities; The Black Wall Street, Redirect Mall and Development Channels. "That is what is going to bring the Kingdom of God," King Lambert revealed.

The essence of the Trinity Platform is to capture the mind, Administration, will, methods, philosophy of God and implement this on earth, King Lambert explained.

"Once you capture and execute all this on earth, what do you have? The Kingdom of God!" King Lambert professed, adding that this is what the Trinity Platform has been able to do.

Having plainly written down and completed the vision over the eleven year period, the King of the BWS now says the hour which is an important aspect in how God works, has come for the God of Abraham to fulfill what He started when He revealed this vision to Mr Lambert.

 Again, citing the scriptures, King Lambert said that when the fullness of time has come, Africa becomes a super power through the trinity platform by 2034.

 "Just watch and see what will happen, everything will be falling in place," King Lambert noted.

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