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American Investor Set to Open up Training Centre for Food Science and Technology 

American Investor to Open up Training Centre for Food Science and Technology 

by Max Pat
posted onMarch 20, 2021

Michael DeLance, a proprietor of Sorse Technology an American company dealing in food science is in Uganda to invest in food science as well as setting up a skills training facility in the country.

The business tycoon with his partners was received by the Senior Presidential Advisor on Diaspora Affairs Amb. Abbey Walusimbi and Isaac Kigozi from the office of the President.

Kigozi noted that a number of youth who graduate from different institutions of learning lack enough practical skills which are needed in the employment world.

“Michael DeLance is in the country to bridge that gap as far as food science is concerned by setting up a vocational skills training Centre in the sector,” Kigozi said.

Kigozi said that the training Centre will be used to conduct laboratory tests on Uganda’s agriculture products, remove aflatoxins as well as adding value on the same.

“The knowledge acquired shall be used to develop new food products, design innovative processing technologies, improve food quality and nutritive value hence enhancing the safety of foods and ensuring the wholesomeness of our food supply,” Kigozi said.

In an interview, Michael said that Uganda has been selected as one of those countries favorable for Sorse technology investment given a conducive political, social and economic environment created by President Museveni’s able leadership.

“SōRSE Technology is currently the leader in food sciences for the cannabis and hemp space worldwide. We directly produce or are an ingredient in the leading consumer products in the cannabis and hemp industries,” Michael said.

Michael noted that the advanced food science technology will create a new export industry for Uganda, making it the first to market in Africa.

 “This initiative in Uganda can outperform North America with its clear bountiful agricultural advantage, export capability, and superior leadership,” Michael said.

Michael who has earmarked $52m package for the first 5 years says that  Uganda and East Africa have a large young vocational workforce that is not fully trained or utilized.

“We propose to invest our company's resources to build a net new export market for Uganda in the fastest growing industry worldwide. This investment would be exclusive to Uganda and would be the first in Africa,” Michael noted.

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