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Black Wall Street Creates Africa’s First ever Development Rankings

posted onFebruary 14, 2022

King Charles N Lambert, the innovative leader of Africa’s first-ever economic war for economic independence and creator of Compassionate Capitalism has released what is known as ‘Development Rankings’ as a primary step towards bridging the development divide between Africa and Europe and the making of a Super Power Africa.

The Development Rankings focuses on the 28 Basic human needs sectors which the implementation of Compassionate Capitalism programs are designed to drastically improve. These include access to health care, access to elderly care, access to investments portfolio, access to justice, access to education capital, access to electricity, access to water, access to personal transportation, access to periodic income, access to credit, access to business empowerment, access to IT, access to emergency relief, access to security, access to gender equality, access to water, access to housing, access to communication infrastructure, access to community rehabilitation and more.

In the first released rankings, informed by individual assessment of average people, Africa on the average could not get beyond 5% access while Europe maintains a minimum of 80% access in all of the 28 sectors. This very pathetic graph, displayed in this press release is the clearest indication that work on development concerns in Africa is only just about to begin.


In preparation for this continental turnaround of the fortunes of Africa, King Lambert had earlier divided Africa into 600 Jurisdictions bearing 100,000 Pan African Job Centres which act as “Development Codes” and significantly ignoring the European imperialist division of the continent into countries that are grossly unsustainable. These 600 jurisdictions which cover 2 million people population each will also receive their individual Development Rankings to ensure tailored and targeted initiatives to each jurisdiction.

Explaining the rationale behind the creation of these Development Rankings, the innovator King had a few things to say” The only way to change is measurement and the primary reason why the statuesque in Africa has remained the same is because there is no talk or focus on measuring the actual state of our development. We need a guide to the agendas, programs and initiatives we undertake in this continent including the places we choose to undertake them.  This helps in avoiding waste, eliminates nepotism, exposes tribalism and informs foreign direct investments. When we adopt and talk about European democracy in Africa, we should implement it with wisdom and where it can affect lives. A democratic economy is more pragmatic to the African than who becomes President of a Nation and the Development Rankings inform the citizens and gives them reasons to be involved in the programs initiated in their Jurisdiction or Development Codes. This is the actual proper interpretation of governance of the people, by the people, and for the people.  Without these Development rankings, what we have is the government of the elite, by the elite and for the elite’.

The Black Wall Street and its sister entities, Redirect Mall and Development Channels will have the Development Code based rankings available on their websites and Apps so the average person can look to see the state of development of the 28 sectors in their locality and participate in programs that allocate Compassionate Capitalism Investment Points towards bridging the gap between that location and European average. The introduction of the Development Rankings will also create 100,000 new jobs for journalists whose primary role is the collation of individual access development data for their assigned areas hence why they will be attached to each Pan African Job Centre also known as Development Codes. The Development Rankings will be the most basic guide to the Forgotten Places rehabilitation scheme which was created and designed as weekly games by King Charles N Lambert earlier on.

King Charles N. Lambert is known as “the King anointed by the God of Abraham to restore the Glory of Africa”. He surely takes the right steps in the fulfillment of this high calling.

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