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BWS Chairman Unveils 28 Development Channels

posted onJune 29, 2021

The Black Wall Street has unveiled names of 28 Development Channels that will change lives of users.

The satellite channels all have a broadcast button just like the one on the BWS App. Presently the BWS App is on air like any TV Station.

And now the plan, according to Chairman Charles Lambert, is to replicate the same for all these TV Stations by quickly making their Apps available for download.

“When all the TV Stations are available on all the 28 Apps, we move to bedroom TV and the full home package.

TV Mutiny is the most critical part of Africa Rebirth. We must give the people new sense of direction, meaning and essence,” Mr. Lambert told this website.

This development comes weeks after BWS set a weekly target of a whopping one billion dollar ($1B) revenue in subscribed revenues.
This will be achieved through the 28 BWS basic human needs apps explained above.

Mr. Lambert added: “Content is the primary magnet of these revenues so the Satellite TV channels. Programs shown on the Apps is the primary service to the subscribers.

Mr. Lambert added that the shows are now being given numbers and users will need to simply type that into the platform of Development Channels and information about any of the Shows and one can produce them as a Production assistant, producer, writer, actor, editor etc.

He added: “We are also dedicating each Pillars content Monday to Thursday for the four cardinal points in Africa (East, West, North, South) and Friday for Diaspora ska African Americans issues in the US in relation to access to basic human needs.

We are therefore hiring 5,000 Production Assistants immediately. Young Africans with interest in TV and from various film and tv schools across the continent.”

The 28 TV channels are;

1. Black Wall Street (completed)
2. Shopping Channel
3. Income TV
4. Credit Channel
5. Grey and Strong
6. Business Channel
7. ITE
8. Banking Channel
9. Info Tech TV
10. Car TV
11. Data Channel
12. Social TV
13. Relief Channel
14. H2O
15. School TV
16. Electric TV
17. Government TV
18. Security TV
19. Waste TV
20. Gender Channel
21. Food TV
22. Forgotten Places
23. Health Channel
24. Justice Channel
25. Roads & Bridges
26. Housing Channel
27. United Values
28. Claims TV

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