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Charles Lambert Unveils Nurses’ Program to Improve Healthcare, Destroy Poverty

The BWS chairman who is the creator of compassionate capitalism however said that through Africa’s first economic war that will be fought through videos and apps, the nurses’ fortunes will soon change and their suffering will be a thing of the past
posted onDecember 3, 2021

As part of his first economic war for economic independence, the King of the Black Wall Street Charles N Lambert has introduced a revolutionary program for African nurses that will wipe poverty off the African continent.

As such, Mr. Lambert has urged Africans to wake up from mediocrity noting that it is ridiculous for Africa to be lagging behind economically with all its natural resources and a population above one billion people.

He said this during his training meeting for the XVVIP (Soul Nurses) in preparation for their video shoot and admission into the BWS.

The soul nurses’ main objective is to provide home-based care as opposed to facility care where patients have to go to a physical facility. However, there is a provision for XVVIP facility care for patients who may wish to visit a facility.

In the case of the BWS soul nurses, they will be attached to various homes, providing care to four people in a given home.

According to Mr. Lambert, the nurses will receive expert training to enable them to deliver the best healthcare to African patients.

The key functions to be performed by the nurses include; diagnosis where a patients’ problem is identified and profiled, health education and wellness, Diet and lifestyle advice, massage and therapeutic for stress and pain relief, prescription, administration and finance, and home therapy development where nurses develop a system to help people take care of themselves.

King Lambert noted that these functions will go a long way in saving lives improving lifespan and generally helping Africans live a healthy and happier life.

Mr. Lambert told the group of nurses that they must understand the idea since it will enable them to execute the intended objective sufficiently and effectively.

“It is important for you to understand what you are being admitted into because if you don’t understand it, you are going to fail. I don’t know about you but I don’t fail. It is not something I entertain,” Mr. Lambert, the creator of compassionate capitalism said.

Speaking about Africa’s economic crisis in general, Mr. Lambert laughed at Africans for accepting mediocrity despite their continent being endowed with valuable natural resources.

 “Africa scores less than 2 percent assets to global trade - year in, year out -- and you want to remain in that mediocrity!” King Lambert exclaimed.

He noted that Africa entertains failure which he doesn’t, urging his fellow Africans to join the economic war which must be won in order to liberate Africans out of the shackles of poverty.

“I don’t fail and I stay very far away from anything that brings failure. I represent the kingdom that says you are the first, not the last. So, I don’t associate with people that score less than 2 percent,” Mr. Lambert said.

Fighting through the 28 sectors

According to Lambert, Africa’s first economic war for economic independence will be fought on 28 fronts that represent basic human needs.

He for instance observed that since the colonialists left Africa 50 years ago, Africa remains economically malnourished since most products consumed on the continent are imported.

In essence, according to the BWS king, the production process which provides jobs is kept away from Africa hence the perpetual poverty.

Addressing the issue of medical care reliance on foreigners, Mr. Lambert said that 90 percent of the sector is dominated by foreigners, something he said motivates him to fight.

In the area of healthcare that is worth $14 billion, for instance, Mr. Lambert noted that Africa mostly relies on foreign corporations for drugs and equipment.

He, however, revealed that the healthcare system is about to experience something never imagined before.

A direct descendant of the God of Abraham, King Charles N Lambert paused his orientation of the nurses to praise and worship GOD before resuming his teachings aimed at destroying the dominance of the foreigners to the benefit of Africa and its people.

Shortly after the praise and worship session, king Lambert resumed his presentation to the nurses, making them aware that nurses are the main workers in the healthcare system yet they never get remunerated deservedly, something he said must change.

In brief, Mr. Lambert said the nurses effectively run the healthcare system because of the load of work they perform, yet, because of the global capitalist nature of the world economy, they are underpaid and suppressed. He said this because those at the top of the system maximize the profits by infringing on people like nurses.

The BWS chairman who is the creator of compassionate capitalism however said that through Africa’s first economic war that will be fought through videos and apps, the nurses’ fortunes will soon change and their suffering will be a thing of the past.

He told the nurses that have been recruited into the economic war that they will start earning up to Shs10 million monthly with the least paid earning Shs1.5m in addition to a car that will aid their movement to peoples’ homes where they will be providing care.

“We are going to take care of you, give you the money and you must look after the African patients very well not the business of giving a patient paracetamol and telling them to sleep,” Mr. Lambert cautioned.

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