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Charles Lambert’s BWS Announces Support for African Herbalists

The BWS boss gave a personal testimony about Dr. Tugume’s herbal medicine that has helped him after months of exercising with no results, especially about his body weight
posted onNovember 21, 2021

The King of the Black Wall Street, Mr. Charles N Lambert has announced plans to support Ugandan herbalists under their new umbrella body – the Union of African Herbalists.

The business empowerment through the Black Wall Street Platforms was announced by Mr. Lambert as he delivered a lecture of opportunity to Ugandan herbalists led by Dr. Alex Tugume at his herbal clinic in Kitende, near Kampala.

Mr. Lambert who was intrigued by Dr. Tugume’s herbal medicine said he had decided to visit his clinic so that he could show solidarity and approval of his work.

“Dr. Alex has transformed my life by restoring my blood sugars to normal and I am now trusting him with Africans lives. I don't speak about anything that I haven't experienced,” Mr. Lambert said.

Mr. Lambert who usually delivers his messages through video was speaking at an event outside his BWS house for the first time in about two years. He said Dr. Alex is the most intelligent person he has ever heard speak about medicine. 

The BWS boss gave a personal testimony about Dr. Tugume’s herbal medicine that has helped him after months of exercising with no tangible results, especially about his body weight.

“I had hired a personal trainer to help me with my weight and he had said exercises were enough and that I didn't need any treatment but nothing was working until I met Dr. Alex. Sometimes it’s not just about exercising but getting to the root cause of the problem,” Mr. Lambert said, adding that he has now ignored the physical trainer. 

Having been impressed with Dr. Tugume and his team, Mr. Lambert has now availed his trinity platform so that the Ugandan and African herbalists at large can benefit from the wide market for their products.

The BWS king noted that the time has come for Africans to destroy the imperialists’ pharmaceutical industry whose goal is nothing but to keep Africans in poverty.

“Their plan is designed to keep Africans importing their medicine and that will only keep Africans in perpetual poverty,” Mr. Lambert noted.

To elaborate on this point, Mr. Lambert said that the pharmaceutical industry can only benefit the people where the industries are located since it is the production process that creates jobs for various workers such as suppliers, transporters, technicians among others.

“I now want us to destroy this trend by reaching out to other Africans across the continent. We have a population of 1.3 bn people and our system will ensure the imperialists are cleaned out of all sectors so that we can invest and retain our money and empower our people. We will create a brand identity that Africa can associate with regarding health care,” Mr. Lambert said, attracting applause from the group of herbalists that attended the function on Saturday afternoon.

Mr. Lambert who turned down a consultancy job from the Nigerian president in 2013 said nobody can hire him but he offers his knowledge and wisdom to the cause that represents his beliefs since he is a descendant of the God of Abraham.

“It is practically impossible to hire me but I have come here to offer my intelligence because I am the leader of Africa’s first economic war for economic independence,” Mr. Lambert said.

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