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CNOOC Livelihood Restoration Program is Changing Lives

A total of 680 PAPs will benefit from the livelihood program which is going to be implemented in Kabwoya, Kyangwali and Buseruka sub counties.
posted onSeptember 3, 2021

CNOOC Uganda Limited is undertaking a livelihood program that is targeting displaced people that have been affected by the oil pipeline project works in the Albertine region.

This program whose overall goal is to restore agricultural livelihood, re-establish or exceed pre-Project levels of crop and livestock production and productivity will enable farmers affected by the project works have access to alternative farming land and better farming systems so as to improve their way of life.

Speaking at the handover ceremony of 3,000 chicks to 6 farmers in Kikuube district, Peter Banura, LCV Chairman Kikuube district commended CNOOC Uganda Limited and its partners for the good job they are doing in changing the lives of the people in the community.

He added: "What we need to survive are practical skills and I’m pleased to learn that the farmers have received the practical knowledge which will help them take care of their livestock, poultry and agricultural produce even after the project has ended".

The project components are to fully equip the Project Affected Persons (PAPs) with information and practical knowledge which will be beneficial in maximizing good quality yields from both their crops and livestock.

The main objectives of this particular program are; improving Agricultural and livestock practices for the beneficiaries, providing agricultural training and extension assistance to farmers to farmers and lastly, provision of inputs and veterinary services for the households affected by land acquisition.

Aminah Bukenya, Media and Publicity Manager, CNOOC Uganda Limited said: "This program shall not only restore but also improve the livelihoods of the PAPs because they will soon start to earn a living from their livestock and poultry in form of beef and eggs respectively, as well as agricultural foods".

A total of 680 PAPs will benefit from the livelihood program which is going to be implemented in Kabwoya, Kyangwali and Buseruka sub counties.

So far 291 have received inputs and livestock in Kyangwali which is the pilot sub-county.

5000 chicks have been given to 10 groups, 18 goats have been given to 18 host farmers, 9 Boran bulls have been given to 9 host farmers and 45 pigs to 9 groups.

"The reception of the program in this district has been good and the farmers are adopting well. We are optimistic that they are going to use the knowledge they’ve acquired to teach other farmers who were not part of the program," Aminah added.

Bosco Twinobusingye,  one of the beneficiaries of the program in Kyangwali sub-county in Kikuube district said, "We are very happy with this project. We thank CNOOC for the good work and for delivering as they promised. I have learnt a lot from these trainings and I’m confident that I will take good care for my livestock and poultry with the knowledge that I have acquired".

This program shall take 3 to 5 years and CNOOC along with the district leadership shall undertake the monitoring to ensure the sustainability of the program.

The program is a linkage to ongoing government programs like Operation Wealth Creation, Women empowerment programs, Emyooga among others.

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