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Defence Ministry is seeking Shs89bn to neutralize ADF

Defence Ministry Seeks Funds to Neutralize ADF in DR Congo

by KP
posted onJanuary 24, 2022

Officials from the Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs led by State Minister of Defence (General Duties), Hon Jacob Marksons Oboth have justified need for Shs89 billion to finance the ongoing Operation ‘Shujaa’ in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

‘Operation Shujaa’ is a code which refers to the ongoing Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) offensive against Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) militants in DRC.

While appearing before Parliament’s Committee on Defense and Internal Affairs on Monday, Oboth Oboth said the Shs89.7 billion will fortify the ground, air and intelligence operations required to neutralise the outfit, which has for years operated sleeper cells in mainly the eastern part of DRC.

Lwemiyga County MP Theodore Ssekikubo was quick to accuse the ministry of going into DRC without Parliament authorisation, to which a remorseful Oboth Oboth said operational dictates required a surprise attack on the ADF bases.

“There was need to surprise, overwhelm and override the enemy; there is no way we can run away from Parliament, but on the issue of Operation Shujaa, we can take political responsibility for not coming to Parliament [because] there was a lot of planning and strategic issues that were taking place,” he said.

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