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Dfcu CEO Mathias Katamba (R) with Vision Group CEO Robert Kabushenga during the launch. Courtesy photo

Dfcu Bank to Support Agricultural Financing ahead of 2020 Harvest Money Expo

posted onJanuary 16, 2020

By Kampala Post Reporter

Dfcu Bank in partnership with Vision Group and the Netherlands Embassy has launched this year’s edition of the Harvest Money Expo scheduled for 14th – 16th February, at Mandela National Stadium, Nambole.

Under the theme ‘Value Addition’, Dfcu Bank and its partners seek to improve production and marketing of agricultural products to increase the commodity value in order to ensure a rise in sales, market growth and to see to it that farmers get a good price for their products.

The Harvest Money Expo initiative aims at highlighting the contribution of agriculture to the development of the economy and also change the negative perception that most Ugandans hold towards agriculture as not being a good career option.

Speaking during the Expo launch, Dfcu Bank Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mathias Katamba, said the economy of Uganda can be transformed through mechanization and improvement of agriculture, commercialization and taking advantage of the unique nature of Uganda’s weather and soils.

“As Dfcu Bank, we would like to offer more support to the agricultural industry by giving farmers access to equipment for agricultural mechanization through our asset financing product,” he said.Katamba also emphasized the need to get young people involved in agriculture to grow the sector.

Last year, over 28,000 people attended the Harvest Money Expo. This year, the sponsors and organizers are targeting over 35,000 people who will include; farmers, business representatives, the general public and foreign exhibitors from various countries.

The Netherlands Embassy has promised to have a ‘Netherlands Village’ at the Expo, where 48 companies including 16 top Dutch agriculture companies will showcase, share knowledge and farming experiences.

The Vision Group CEO, Robert Kabushenga said; “The Harvest Money Expo has become a calendar event for every farmer because of the benefits they get from it. It is also a social event where people come to socialize and share knowledge.”

This year’s Harvest Money Expo will also have in attendance all the past winners of the Best farmers’ competition.

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