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Emyooga: Over Shs180bn Disbursed to More Than 5000 SACCOs

posted onMay 5, 2021

Minister of State for Finance, Planning and Economic Development (Micro-Finance) Haruna Kasolo says, through Emyooga, they have so far disbursed Shs184.870 billion out of the Shs260 billion allocated to the Presidential Initiative on Wealth and Job Creation.

According to the minister, these funds have been doled out to 5,886 SACCOs across the country out of the targeted 6,354 SACCOs.

The initiative is aimed at promoting job creation and improving the household income of 68% of Ugandans in trades such as boda boda, taxi, restaurants, welding, market vending, fishing, journalism, performing arts and so on.

Under the programme, 30 people form an association through which they get Shs30 million.

In Kampala alone, according to the minister, they have disbursed over Shs5.76 billion to 190 SACCOs and Shs1.560bn to 50 SACCOs in Kiira Municipality and Shs4.91bn to 100 SACCOs in Wakiso district

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