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Cindy Sanyu

Excitement as Cindy Hits Arena Mall for Shopping

A day before she headed to Mbale for the Eastern edition of the Cindy-Sheebah battle concert, the Boom Party singer caused a ruckus inside the supermarket when she came in for shopping.
posted onOctober 9, 2023

Many of the shoppers who strolled Carrefour Market’s store at the Arena Mall in Nsambya, were left feeling like Christmas came early after singer Cindy joined them in a shopping spree on Friday. Carrefour Market’s Arena Mall store has stocked up its vast shelves with the best variety of products on top of announcing unbeatable discounts on numerous items.

Prices for some items have gone down by 65 percent, which has drawn in droves of shoppers to make the most of the unbeatable offers. A day before she headed to Mbale for the Eastern edition of the Cindy-Sheebah battle concert, the Boom Party singer caused a ruckus inside the supermarket when she came in for shopping. Days prior, she had asked her fans to recommend a store that was big on variety yet low on prices.

Then she announced on her social media that she would be shopping at Carrefour Nsambya, causing excitement among her fans. As the singer and mother of three strolled around the aisles picking up items, elated shoppers and fans scampered to say Hi while uncontrollably asking for selfies, which she granted. Ugandan celebrities are not in the habit of going out to shop, and perhaps this explains why the moment elicited excitement.

Cindy bought everything from foodstuffs, detergents, beverages, beauty products, stationery, accessories, groceries, and kitchenware among others. She represents the many parents and parents-to-be who will be ecstatic to learn about Carrefour Market Nsambya’s special offers on a wide range of products. Following the Arena Mall’s introduction of free parking, further complementing the all-most completed infrastructural upgrade on Nsambya Road, shoppers will also be upbeat about the supermarket’s expanded variety of stock, new sections and a renewed promise of convenience.

For Cindy, the experience was too surreal, her shopping lasted over an hour. When you have little ones, there’s just too much on Carrefour Market’s shelves that irresistibly keeps calling. At some point, she held a mic and turned the supermarket into a mini concert, bringing staff and other shoppers to a standstill. Between short dance moments with fans, recording videos with her signature intro, selfies, hugs and getting intimate with shoppers, the former Blu*3 singer was visibly having a fun time. This comes at a time when Carrefour Market at The Arena Mall has announced its ‘My Club’ sales campaign which will see customers earn points that will make them eligible for ridiculous discounts on thousands of items.

In the campaign that will see lucky customers win Shs 1,000,000 worth of MyClub points, a customer is only required to visit Carrefour Market Nsambya and record a video of their shopping experience, then post this video on social media tagging Carrefour Uganda and stand a chance to win. The more the likes your post gets, the more your chances to win. This will sound like music to the ears of many city dwellers at a time when inflation has driven commodity prices upwards.

Yet, with only two months to the festive season, everyone is looking to stock up their homes.

Carrefour Market, owned and operated by Majid Al Futtaim in Uganda, opened its Arena Mall store in December 2021. Its expansion into Uganda was to bring the franchise’s (which operates the Carrefour supermarkets in the Middle East, Africa and Asia) unique Carrefour offering of unbeatable value, range, international standards to more customers across Uganda.

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