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George William Egunyu

Former Soroti LCV Egunyu to Unseat Under-fire Elasu as NRM District Chairperson

posted onJanuary 26, 2021

Outgoing Soroti LCV Chairperson George Michael Egunyu has reportedly declared his bid to contest for the NRM District Chairperson seat. 

NRM's Egunyu who recently lost the Soroti City Lord Mayoral race to FDC's Joshua Edogu is reported to be eyeing the under pressure Charles Elasu's seat. Elasu has been NRM District Chairperson for Soroti for 20years now. 

NRM's poor performance in the concluded elections has attracted several candidates who want to unseat the chubby Elasu. Among the potential candidates who are likely to oust Elasu is the all seasoned politician-Gregory Egunyu. Elasu has of late come under pressure for bad leadership characterized by alleged corruption, intrigue, incompetency, abuse of office and double standards. 

Elasu has reportedly lost touch with most NRM District leaders who have accused him of having run out of new ideas to run the Party. Elasu lost it all when he openly campaigned for candidates who are not NRM flagbearers. 
It was well evident in Dakabela County where MP-elect, Cosmas Elotu who was the NRM flag bearer accused Elasu for allegedly campaigning for his rival, an independent candidate, Peter Edopu Edepu.

Elasu is said to have flown in Tubur Subcounty along with Calvin Echodu, who lost as NRM candidate for Soroti City West and openly campaigned for Edopu.

Elasu is also accused of mismanaging funds and discrimination in the facilitation of NRM leaders in the district. Several NRM leaders have accused his leadership of mismanaging the Shs300,000 that was given to each village. 

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