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Kayanja muhanga

Gen Muhanga Briefs Soldiers After Touring Kambi ya Yua

posted onDecember 31, 2021

The overall operation Shujaa commander, Maj. Gen. Kayanja Muhanga on Thursday December 30, toured Kambi ya Yua, the former ADF/ISCAP stronghold that was captured by the combined assault forces of UPDF/ FARDC.

He was received by Col James Kasule, the UPDF Commander and Lt Col Mbayo Batuta, the FARDC Commander who led him on a tour of eight acres camp dotted with numerous structures that used to accommodate ADF remnants and their families.

Briefing journalists after the tour Gen Kayanja explained the significance of capturing the camp and said the forces will make sure terrorists do not occupy again.

“We are going to fortify this camp and try our best not to allow rebels to reoccupy it.”

He added that, the documents and laptops recovered from the abandoned camp are going to be used to obtain enough information about ADF/ISCAP activities and their funders.

Gen Kayanja vowed to pursue ADF till they are uprooted from their safe haven.

“This is not the only camp that we have captured, wherever we have been, we have overrun other small camps," Gen Muhanga revealed.

He further said that the capture of Kambi Ya Yua marked the end of phase one of Operation Shujaa now transitioning into phase two.

He elaborated on the challenges faced by the assault troops such as difficult terrain comprising of rough jungles, steep hills, impenetrable forests, numerous water bodies and diseases affecting soldiers.

“The long line of communication as a result of rough terrain impedes logistical supplies. As a remedy we are using helicopters to do the needful,” explained Gen Kayanja.

Kambi Ya Yua which covers 8 acres of Virunga forest land is estimated to have accommodated at least 624 ADF/ISCAP and their families.

The camp was  reportedly “a host of military training and radicalization activities as evidenced by the documents found, bomb making materials, laptop computers, and ammunition of different kinds, a PK machine gun and numerous domestic ware”.

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