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Gender Ministry Supports 16 Youth Groups With 443 Business Equipment

posted onNovember 11, 2021

The Government through the Green Jobs Programme under the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development has today handed over 443 pieces of business tool kits to 280 beneficiaries drawn from 16 groups from across the country.

The equipment that was handed out by Col. (rtd) Charles Engola Okello, the Minister of State for Labour, Employment and Industrial Relations, included tailoring machines, jet car washing machines, Maize milling machines, Motor cycles, tents, Water tank, water pump, saloon chairs, hair dryers, hair clippers and plastic chairsThis cohort 280 people- 107 males and 173 females, were drawn from 6 districts of Kampala, Wakiso, Kapchorwa, Kyegegwa, Kayunga and Kitgum.Speaking during the hand-over ceremony, Col Engola said the government has created many avenues and support mechanisms to ensure that businesses can rebound from the shocks triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The Green Jobs and Fair Labour Market programme that has brought us here is one of those alternative means for supporting informal sector businesses.The Green Jobs programme seeks to create green and decent jobs, increase labor productivity, reduce poverty and ensure environmental sustainability,” Col Engola said.

He added that: “The Green Jobs Programme will ensure environmental sustainability through increasing labour productivity and greening enterprises, promoting workplace re-skilling and skilling and promoting energy and resource efficiency.”

The Green programme targets both the educated and uneducated women, youth, and persons with disabilities.

This was the third cohort of beneficiaries.Under the first cohort, 87 groups benefitted at a function presided over by President Museveni. For the second cohort, 190 groups with a total of 3,228 members, received 427 business tool kits and green technologies at a function also presided over by President Museveni.

Mr Hillary Businge, the Assistant Commissioner Labour Productivity, who represented the Permanent Secretary, said the criteria for picking benefiting groups is that a group must have at least 5 members, existing businesses receive 80% while new businesses receive 20%.

“We ensure gender balance by insisting on a ratio of 50:50 for males and females; 6.5% of the slots are reserved for people with disabilities. All group members must provide contact information as well as a copy of their national IDs. A letter from the Local Council leadership, stamped and signed- to verify and confirm the existence of these groups, “Mr Businge said.

Mr Businge added that: “The groups that will receive equipment today have gone through this process and have been deemed fit to receive the tool kits. In this cohort, the Ministry has procured 443 items of Equipment/Business Tool kits” 

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