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Minister of ICT and National Guidance Judith Nabakooba

Government to roll out 243 internet sites to strengthen CCTV system

posted onMarch 4, 2021

The Minister of ICT and National Guidance Judith Nabakooba has said the government will increase the number of sites connected to the National Optical Fiber Cable from 14 to 243 in order to expand the reach of the CCTV project.

The cable internet project, which is being implemented by National Information Technology Authority (NITA)-Uganda, has been fundamental in expediting the roll-out of the CCTV system that is being overseen by the Uganda Police to strengthen surveillance.

“After the successful installation of CCTV cameras within Kampala and the major city suburbs, we all witnessed a significant improvement in security. The CCTV cameras have made it possible for police and security to apprehend wrongdoers in major hot spots such as the taxi park, along the northern bypass, and others,” the minister said Thursday while updating the country on some of the projects her ministry is working on.

“The success of these cameras largely relies on good internet connection that is being facilitated through the National Optical Fiber Cable Backbone under NITAU. After the success registered in Kampala, I want to inform the country that the Ministry of ICT is now facilitating government to extend the CCTV project to all major up-country towns and highways.”

The government is utilizing the National Optical Fiber Cable Backbone installed along all highways to Kampala to connect upcountry street cameras to Naguru Police Headquarters. In the area of cybersecurity, the Ministry has set up an Online Child Sexual Abuse Reporting Portal ( to enable citizens to report online child sexual abuse content.

Through NITA-U, the government has completed the implementation of 4 phases of the National Backbone Infrastructure (NBI) project which connected 49 districts and 609 government offices. Uganda is now a fully-fledged communications hub, with the seven major border posts with its neighboring countries all connected to the NBI.

NITA-U is currently implementing the Last Mile Connectivity Project aimed at further expanding the coverage of the NBI through laying of approximately 732km of fiber optic cable and connecting an additional 700 sites to the NBI with an additional 300 Wi-Fi Hotspots, Minister Nabakooba said.

So far a cumulative total of 337 out of 700 sites including but not limited to local governments, hospitals, schools, universities, among others have been connected under the Last Mile Project.

Furthermore, the ICT ministry, through NITA-U, is working with other agencies like Uganda Investment Authority (UIA), Ministry of Defense, Uganda Free Zones Authority, Urban Authorities and Local governments to implement the Government’s vision for a national network of IT parks linked to nearby towns.

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