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Aerial view of the plant

Inside Minister Sekindi’s Visit to Uganda Largest Sewage Treatment Plant

posted onAugust 11, 2021

The Minister of State for Water Aisha Sekindi visited Uganda’s largest sewerage treatment located in Bugolobi, Kampala.

The National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) claims its biggest in East and Central Africa.

The Corporation says it will serve over 850,000 people, treat over 45million liters of wastewater including the dry flow from the Nakivubo channel before releasing water into Lake Victoria, produce manure, 630KW of power among others.

The plant will also help in creating a sustainable solution to the rapidly deteriorating water quality in the inner and outer Murchison Bay of Lake Victoria.

Sekindi said that her Ministry is working on a number of projects to accelerate service delivery and attainment of the SDG6, a key focus area for the government.

The NWSC Board Chairman Eng. Dr. Prof Baddru. M. Kiggundu said that the board, management, and staff of NWSC had “completed works on a new corporate plan 2021-2023, which is anchored to the NDPIII and GoU's commitment towards services for all."

Below are some of the strides made by the Corporation since 1990 as shared by its managing director Dr. Silver Mugisha:

•Areas of operation have grown from 5 towns in 1990 to now 256 areas of operation.

•Population served has increased from 500,000 people to now 15million people.

•NWSC has moved from 18% service coverage to now 85%.

•Network length has expanded from 300kms to now 20,000kms.

•The revenue has grown from 4million USD to now 130million USD.

•The corporation had less than 200 employees in 1990. It's now employing over 4000 Ugandans.

Dr. Mugisha they are now focusing on water for all, introducing a prepaid metering policy and measures to curb water theft.

He urged customers to pay for water and enable the corporation to meet the water production costs i.e., power, chemicals, pipes, fittings, maintenance, power among others.

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